Dialogue of the Scriptures


On November 29, 2016 Ananda Marga participated to the NY 23rd World Alliance of Religions Peace Office hosted by HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light), an international peace organization which has many peace initiative among which interfaith dialogue on religious scriptures.

Ananda Marga in this forum was invited to be part of a panel of three speakers, all from different religious background and the theme discussed has been “Good and Evil”.

Two rounds of questions took place which were enclosed in two beautiful song played by a soprano artist which really warmed up the atmosphere and set the ground for a very light and blissful exchange of opinions. Below is a passage selected among the works of Shrii P.R. Sarkar:

Life is a movement from imperfection to perfection. When inanimate objects become animate there is progress. There is further progress when animate beings become multicellular metazoic organisms, more and more complicated structures. The human being is the highest being, the being most perfect in structure. The human being is thus a perfected animal. But this is the beginning of progress for humanity. Humans still have to achieve further physical, intellectual and spiritual perfection. Movement towards perfection – God – is a human’s true nature (dharma). Movement towards imperfection is against one’s true nature (adharma). The former is life, the latter is death. Human movement towards animality is therefore not life, it is death.

No movement is free from friction or obstacles. Even when you walk, the force of gravity obstructs you. Movement towards perfection is obstructed by all the forces of imperfection, of evil. The sinful, the crude, the narrow, obstruct all movement for the expansion of the human mind. But perfection being a God-ward movement, do not be afraid – move on. Obstacles will go down the drain, where they belong. You will progress.

The mission of human life is to move towards perfection, towards God. This is one’s duty. In this struggle the forces of evil are bound to be defeated. This has been the case all along, and history will repeat itself. You have no right to rest until you have fulfilled your mission of being perfect, of being divine, of establishing yourself in perfection. Rest is sin as it puts a stop to this movement. Do not rest until you have reached your goal.

(Baba’s Grace, 151)