AMURT outreaches with Yoga and Social Service


In Haiti, the AMSAI school in Port-au-Prince is continuing with Neo-Humanistic education for 150 students. A new prison program has been started by Dr. Manavendra, with 4 prisons being visited on a regular basis and yoga/meditation classes held for the inmates. This is similar to, and modeled on the North Caroina project. Sarita is training many teachers in Haiti using Neo-Humanistic principles.

The salt project managed by Dharma in Haiti is entering into its operation phase, with the possibility of becoming as nationally copied model of PROUTistic rural development. It entails iodizing salt harvested from the sea, and is accompanied by a major reforestation effort. More information is at

There were 6 prisons in North Carolina being served by yogis inspired by AMURT. They have regular yoga/meditation classes staffed by volunteers from Ananda Marga and teachers from other societies as well. Attendance is from 2-12 people per class. Additionally, at Wake Correctional Center, inmates are weekly taken out of the prison to assist in feeding the homeless at the Hallelujah Soup Kitchen in Raleigh, and also to participate in Pashupati’s yoga teacher training program, the Shiva Dancing School of Yoga, based largely on Ananda Marga teachings, and which graduates 3 certified yoga teachers annually.

New Van was purchased for the Los Angeles feeding program run by Dada Muktatmananda and others. They are doing several feeding programs – 100 families in one, other for 130 seniors, every week. many are Korean.

Dada Vishvarupananda’s Food for All feeding program also doing well with hundreds of families being fed weekly in the Washington DC area.

Pictures of USA feeding projects may be found at