Ananda Marga Outreaches in Monterrey


On 28th of March Didi Kusum and brother Mahesh went to “Tierra y Libertad” area, in Monterrey (Mexico) that is a squatting neighborhood. They had a meeting with 40 old people in a community center. The area has been occupied by poor mexican people and used illegally to build their houses. It is considered one of the poorest area of the city.
Mahesh gave a Tai Chi class and after Didi Kusum played kiirtan (introducing Baba Nam Kevalam mantra). The people sung and danced Kiirtan, and after they did a collective meditation. The response was very positive and people were touched by the visit and the time dedicated to them. They invited Didi and Mahesh for another visit next month.
While there Didi Kusum and Mahesh were interviewed by the local radio station: Didi has been asked to give a message to the audience. Her message was “There is a force inside everyone and that force should be used in a benevolent way. People should use it for the collective welfare. In any situation, gather together and move society towards a brilliant future”