Blanket distribution in Purulia – India – 20th January 2013


Like every year, Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT) has distributed blankets to the people affected by cold wave. The programme of blanket distribution was targeted for the people of Purulia (Ramnagar) on 20th January 2013
Mr Arunabh Mahapatra a senior Advocate and other senior advocate of Purulia participated in the program. Moreover, among the Acaryas, Acarya Ramendrananda Avadhuta RU/RAWA Secretary, Acarya Anirvananda Avadhuta RM Ananda Nagar and other workers was also present there. 100 poor people of the Purulia were benefited . Shri Arunabh Mahapatra spoke how Ananda Marga is rendering the needy people around the globe through AMURT. He further mentioned that Ananda Marga is taking special care of all-round personality development of mankind. He appealed to the moral people to join Ananda Marga.
[All created beings emerge from, are maintained in, and finally dissolve in, the Supreme Entity. You should desire to know that supreme stance as Brahma.So this Supreme Cognition, and no second entity, is your dhyeya [object of meditation].

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