Special Good News from Maleny – Australia


The Ananda Marga River School was in the local newspaper for our colorful participation in the local ANZAC day parade. An enthusiastic group of students and staff turned up to march down Maleny’s main street.

On 30th April, State Senator Claire Moore officially opened the River School’s new library and other buildings that have been funded by a grant of over $2 million from the government. The ceremony was attended by the librarians from the Maleny library, book shop owners from three local bookstores who have donated and helped, and many parents, as well as the students.

The ceremony included “Welcome to Country” with Auntie Pam, our Aboriginal Studies teacher, music performance by the children, and a special morning circle, with songs, kiirtan and meditation, attended by all of our guests.

The library now has a brilliant collection of books, displayed in elegant shelving, which have been donated from a variety of sources and cared for by a special library committee of parents. The library also has Mac computers available for students, quiet space for study, and wide verandas.

The other new buildings also include the new offices and staff rooms, the commercial kitchen “Rainbow Cafe” tuck shop (with our yummy sentient vegetarian food), and the new performance hall and gym.

One of the bookstore owners commented that in her work she had visited all the schools in the region, but she felt that the AM River School created the most conducive environment for education of all that she had seen.

Ananda Purnima in Maleny

We enjoyed a beautiful weekend of festivities for Baba’s Birthday in Maleny. Unit Cultural Secretary Giita, along with Dada Gunamuktananda planned a range of events, which attracted many guests from Brisbane and other areas.

The schedule included 5 am kiirtan and meditation at Howell’s Knob, a hilltop with a panoramic view of the area. Some 30 people, adults and children attended, enjoying the sunrise and the festive feeling.

Later on Sunday morning there was a children’s festival for around 20 children with games, treats, gifts and a family picnic.

In the afternoon, three hour akhanda kiirtan was held, followed by a Baba video, and then cake, abundant dinner, and more celebrations.

The weekend also included a film showing, a rainforest walk, and collective decoration of the jagriti, which was spectacular.

During the weekend, some unit members, with a number of volunteers, also ran the Ananda Marga Vegetarian Cafe fundraising stall at the Maleny Sustainable Wood Expo. This was also a successful and fun event.

Giitanjali and Maetraya will be performing their beautiful music at several concerts in Melbourne, 9th and 10th June. Giitanjali formerly performed under the name Gabrielle Hart, but since attending our New Years Gathering as a performer in 2012, and then taking initiation in AM, decided to now use her spiritual name, and the new group name “Purusha” when her husband Maetraya then began performing with her.

I highly recommend you go to their concerts if you’re in the area. The microvita they generate is very blissful and healing.

They’ve just produced a new album, which is very beautiful and includes two blissful kiirtans.

If you’d like to listen to their music, or get details on the concerts, check out their website, http://purusha.com.au/.
Their album will soon be available on download also on www.innersong.com