HPMGL Sister Retreat in Cuernavaca, Mexico


13 sisters gathered to have a wonderful time, learning, practicing and sharing spirituality, under the guidance of Didi Kusum and Didi Anudhyana.

Since Prabhat Samgiit divasa is coming soon, it was decided to have HPMGL retreat, through Prabhat Samgiit class, sadhana shivir and lots and lots of kiirtan.

HPMGL (Hari Pari Mandala Gosthi – Ladies) was founded by Baba with the objective of women to gather and propagate devotional songs, music and dance, as means of service and upliftment of society.

The weekend retreat was blissful and Baba’s presence was felt all through the program. It was a good mix of ‘old’ and ‘new’ sisters. The feeling of sharing, cooperating and supporting each other was there, in spiritual practice and in mundane duties alike. All contributed, and the result was fantastic.

Special thanks go to brother Yogendra that worked relentlessly, helping to make this sister retreat possible. On behalf of all sisters, we want to thank him, and wish that all brothers will follow his example. There is nothing more inspiring then to see sisters and brothers, working together, for the progress of society and its members, be they brothers or sisters.