WWD in New York and Canada


The cleaning yard in WWD office lasted almost a month: we had a sister from Tucson (Jacqueline) helping racking and cleaning for few days. Didi Kusum was cutting old rotten trees, trimming big brunches, etc. Didi A. Hitaesana was helping as well in piling woods, racking, etc.
Then Mohinii and her husband Shyam came to visit and Mohinii appreciated the WWD office library.
Didi A. Hitaesana managed to renovate the entrance cement floor; she achieved also to put a brand new fence that makes WWD office really outstanding in the neighborhood
The picture in the snow is from last month in Toronto when with Didi A. Hitaesana we went to pick up Didi Anudhyana just arrived in the sector. We had 2 DC while there and one of the picture is the 2nd DC we had in Ishvarii and Dan’s house.