Tasty and nutritious burgers, baguettes, croquettes or balls.


We can make this variety of dishes with the same dough, made of:
-Some flour, be it chickpea, oats, beans, quinoa, amaranth flour.
-Some puré made with cooked legumes and/or germinated legumes and/or hydrated legumes (along all night or longer if they are large legumes). This puree can be made of one or several of the following legumes: lentils, black or white beans, chickpeas, peanuts, green peas, etc.
-A bit of one or some vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, potato, yellow sweet potato, carrot, cabbage, beets etc.
-Small pieces of green, red, orange or yellow pepper, 
-Some finely chopped leaves of parsley, coriander, mint or epazote. It can be one or a mix of them.
-Ground paprika
-Some other spices like ground pepper or fenugreek.
-Some pumpkin seeds, optional.
-A little olive oil to make the dough soft and more tasty.

To make the massa, blend all the ingredients (except the pepper and pumpkin seeds) in a food processor. Then add the pieces of pepper and pumpkin seeds.
Let the dough rest for half an hour.
Form balls of different shapes and dimensions that you can use either in hamburgers, baguettes, (meat)balls or croquettes.
Fry the balls with little oil, cover the pan, let them cook. Chickpea and oatmeal flours have an anti-adhesion effect that helps us to require very little oil.

Once fried these nutritious balls can be eaten right away or stored in the refrigerator, as they taste better from one day to the next. Serve them always hot.

You can use them for hamburgers, baguettes in “Subway” style, for croquettes or balls dipped in the sauce of your choice, such as chipotle sauce, BBQ, catsup etc. Accompany them with your favorite vegetables. Balls combine well with rice or spaghetti. Make the combinations that you like most with seasonal ingredients or with the ingredients most at hand. Be always creative and experiment. Bon Appetite!