9 Secrets of Long Life

1. Proper physical labour.
2. Eating as soon as one feels hungry.
3. Going to sleep as soon as one feels sleepy.
4. Regularity in spiritual practices.
5. Fasting at intervals.
6. Performing vyápaka shaoca before sádhaná, sleep and meals.
7. Curd (yogurt) [[and/or]] raw foods.
8. Getting out of bed in the Bráhma muhúrtta.
9. Sixteen points.

1. Proper Physical Labour.
It is very important to exercise the body. There are 6 most beneficial physical exercises: Running, Swimming, Wrestling, Laughing, Tandava and Kaoshiki.

2. Eating as soon as one feels hungry.
Hunger and thirst are sensible calls of the parasympathetic system in order to satisfy basic needs for the human body. If we don’t respond to these calls the body does not get proper nourishment and eventually it wear off.

3. Going to sleep as soon as one feels sleepy.
The body needs to work during the day and rest during the night. The pineal gland through its hormones regulate the cycle of day and night sleep. If we feel sleepy it is harmful to try forcibly to remain awake by taking coffee or other stimulants. Eventually the whole system will loose balance and start deteriorating.

4. Regularity in spiritual practices.
Spiritual practices are food for the mind. Their regularity implies supplying enough rest to the mind in order to compensate the engagement with the external world through the sensory and motor organs. Regularity in a spiritual routine implies that at the given time the mind don’t have to struggle switching to the meditative state.

5. Fasting at intervals.
Regualr fasting during Ekadashi is a scientific form of interval fasting. Fasting for one day gives the necessary rest to the digestive organs and allow them to restore their best performance. Fasting more than a day without water is not recommended as the body will dehydrate compromising the delicate balance of the internal liquids and the control of the body temperature.

6. Performing vyápaka shaoca before sádhaná, sleep and meals.
Half-Bath is a very practical way to create a shift between the active state of mind necessary for working condition and the introverted state of mind most conducive for meditation, sleep and eating. Digestion needs extra energy and if we continue to work or move around during the eating time we may have congestion and indigestion.

7. Curd (yogurt) [[and/or]] raw foods.
Digestion needs enzymes to process the food. Both yogurt and also raw food have enzymes that get killed if we cook them. Certain vitamins also are not eat resistant like Vitamin C for example. Eating fresh fruits and raw vegetables from time to time, preferably off the main means is a very good habit conducive to longevity.

8. Getting out of bed in the Bráhma muhúrtta.
At sunrise the rays of the sun emanates special lightwaves which gives nature the energy for awakening after sleep. The birds start singing and all nature awakens to new life. Human beings are also sensible like animals to these natural cycles and benefit maximum to start moving at dawn.

9. Sixteen points.
Shrii Shrii Anandamurti as spiritual  preceptor and mentor of Ananda Marga have given 16 points for all-round development which cover the entire strata of human existence – Physical, psychic and spiritual.
Here are the Sixteen Points