Ananda Kanan Solar Project Fundraiser

Ananda Kanan Master Unit has been the home for Ananda Marga for more than three decades. Sudhiira and the Ananda Kanan ACB have many plans to maintain the buildings and gradually strengthen the Master Unit aspect of Ananda Kanan. We plan to plant new fruit trees and utilize our greenhouse and raised beds. 

The water comes from our well and is pumped by electricity. If the electricity goes out, Ananda Kanan is also without water. We have recognized the urgent need for establishing solar panels to prepare for future emergencies and occasional blackouts. The ideal location is on the roof of the kitchen and dining hall. That roof is slanting towards the south and has excellent sun exposure. 

The roof needed new asphalt composite shingles, and fortunately, Sudhiira found a good contractor. That work has now been completed with the help of the income from our Summer Conference and the Ananda Kanan maintenance funds. We are next in line for installing the solar system. We have all the equipment now except some wiring. We also need a guy to design the system. Hopefully, it will be ready before winter sets in.

The Dining Hall roof

Fundraiser Video with Sudhiira (YouTube link)

We have purchased the solar panels but need to install them along with the rest of the system. Here is the breakdown of the cost:

  • $6000 Solar Panels (24 units)
  • $2000 Fasteners for the panels

Budget for the Remaining Work for the Solar Project

  • $9,000 Inverter
  • $6,000 Batteries
  • $3,000 Installation
  • $1,000 Electric stuff
  • $2000 System design and misc. 
  • Total of $21,000

Some of the other urgent repairs and renovations include:

  • The siding on the Dining Hall (replace rotten or badly warped boards, and paint)
  • Repair or replace parts of the roof, siding, and windows on the Jagrti (the White House)
  • The siding and windows on the Brothers and Sisters Dorm (replace rotten or badly warped boards, and paint. Fix windows that don’t open well.)

We hope to complete the solar project by the end of this year and start on other projects in the early spring. 

If you can contribute with money or manual labor, please contact Sudhiira ‭(417) 252-4797‬) or Dada Diiptimanananda (+1 929 257 8099.)


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