Activities in Ananda Priiti Master Unit in Atascosa Texas.


Avadhutika Ananda Hitaprabha Acarya is newly posted as Rector Master in Ananda Priiti Master Unit in Texas. She sent the following news:

Ananda Priiti Master Unit is situated in Atascosa, Texas. Regular Dharma Cakra ( collective meditation) was held every Saturday for Margiis.

On the occasion of Victory Day (Oct 19, 2018) we had 3 hours AkhandaKiirtan on Oct 21, 2018.

OnOct 26, 2018 Vietnamese Margiis from Houston and Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), Kaomudii and Karuna visited Master Unit and we had small DC and lunch together. Sister Karuna is the oldest margii in Vietnam. Her whole family is margiis. And Kaomudii has been practicing Ananda Marga for four years in Ho Chi Minh , Vietnam before she settled down in Houston. They were happy to see the development of Master Unit.

On October 28 Didi Ananda Sutirtha, Didi Ananda Acira, Didi Ananda Hitaprabha and San Antonio Margiis did meditation and satsaunga in Corpus Christy Beach, San Antonio.

On November 7, we had 3 hours Sadhana Shivir for celebration ofDiivapali Festival ( Light Festival) with Amrta and Kamala Devii. Then on Sunday November 12, brother Yogendra and his son Devadiipafrom Mexico visited and joined DC together with us. Yogendra shared touching stories of his personal contact with Baba during dharma shastras time.

Development of Master Unit

After the incident of house burning 2016, Margiis and Didi Ananda Sutiirtha worked hard to make another building proper to stay. Kitchen and DC Hall was slowly set up. Brother Krsna from San Antonio helped Didis to fix the kitchen pantry and electricity inside the house.

Before and after the Kitchen Pantry

Cleaning garden and prepare soil for plantation of Master Unit.

Grasscutting for garden and preparation of soil for planting winter vegetables was done at the first week of October. We cut all lower branches of trees and stored for firewood.