Ananda Dhiira MU Good News


Meditation Retreat, Ananda Dhiira MU

A small meditation retreat was organized by Didi Ananda Acira on February 10-15. Even though it was a small group, it was a very powerful retreat, and everyone felt very inspired. We had a lot of Kiirtan and meditation, and the sisters got their higher lesson during this period. Seminar topics were discussed during this retreat, and we also spent meditating and walking in the beautiful nature of Ananda Dhiira. Aside from spiritual sharing, Didi also shared about health and detoxification where sister Padma felt so inspired that she decided to do ten days of juice fasting after the retreat. 

During the retreat, we also had a baking class where brother Surainjan taught how to bake sourdough bread, and Didi Ananda Acirá taught how to bake carob fruit cake. Those were enjoyable moments. Everyone left the retreat joyous and full of inspiration. After the retreat, all attendees, sister Padma, brother Caetanya, and sister Shanti Devii, became very active in our online study groups.

Spiritual lifestyle training was conducted by Didi Ananda Acirá in Ananda Dhiira MU. Sister Shanti and sister Diipali attended. Shanti stayed with Didi for two months, and Diipali has stayed with Didi for six months now. During the training, we had very regular spiritual practices, karma yoga, different classes such as conduct rules, neo humanism, Prout, spiritual classes, and various skills such as making enzymes, cultivating soils, cooking, and preserving food, etc. During this period, sister Shanti was very inspired. At the end of the retreat, she expressed her gratitude for having a chance to live in Ananda Dhiira, learn many things, feel the blissful environment, and enjoy the fresh air and wildlife. The most important aspect was that her spiritual practices became so deep because she got a chance to learn her higher meditation lessons during the training.

Volunteers at Ananda Dhiira MU Since last January, we have started cultivating the soil by clearing the weeds and adding compost and enzymes. We also built two additional raised beds, helped by Vincent. We also cleared a lot of blackberry bushes, and at the end of February, Surainjan helped us install an irrigation system. Didi Ananda Acira also started germinating different seeds to be ready by Spring. Of course, we always have a lot of Kiirtan, meditation, and outings during this time. 

Sister Padma Shree weeding the vegetable garden at Ananda Dhiira

Didi Ananda Acira, Caetanya, and Shanti Devii planting together

Collective meditation on the deck at Ananda Dhiira

Sister Shanti stayed with Didi as a volunteer for three months. They utilize the wood from the old deck that was removed last summer for firewood.

Brother Surainjan passed by during the meditation retreat and gave a class on how to bake sourdough bread. Didi made a cake, he made bread.

Harvesting time!