Ananda Dhiira MU Updates

Didi Ananda Acira is taking care of Ananda Dhiira Master Unit in Grass Valley, California, Los Angeles Region. In the last two months, she has been busy with growing a variety of organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs. She has started making organic handmade soaps, using herbs and flowers from the garden as well as other organic ingredients. Ananda Dhiira has also welcomed guests for small retreats. 

Five people joined a five-day detox camp in April, 2022. They were all fasting for the first time and also new to meditation. They learned Baba Nam Kevalam meditation and did daily yoga, meditation, nature walks, hydrotherapy, mud-packs, and infrared sauna. They really enjoyed the beautiful environment and purifying mind and body through fasting and meditation. 

Didi collaborated with a local meditation teacher in organizing a women’s retreat starting on May 29. Eighteen people participated and enjoyed learning meditation, yoga, sentient diet.

Spirituality, Art, and Film Making Retreat was a five-day retreat with newly initiated people. They started the day with Paincajainya and other spiritual practices, and during the day, they had a storytelling workshop, and cinematography workshop, where they learned how to use the iMovie software, using pictures, sound and text. They also had a three hours Capoeira class with sister Kay and class by Didi Ananda Acira on the topic Spirituality, Mind, and Consciousness. They also did Akhanda Kiirtana where everyone took turns in leading Kiirtana.

Ananda Dhiira Garden. Didi Ananda Acira and some volunteers started last winter to cultivate the soil with compost. The soil is clay-based, and weeds grow easily. Didi made raised beds and used enzymes and compost to improve the quality of the soil. She also uses small devices that run on solar power to drive away ground hogs and other animals that like to eat the crops. Those devices give sounds every few minutes that the ground hogs don’t like. 

The main vegetables growing now are sorrel, tomatoes, radish, carrots, kale, chard, beat root, peppers, asparagus, chilies, and artichokes. They harvested a good amount of beans in the spring but they are now out of season, so we will plant squash.

The Ananda Dhiira garden now has a lot of herbs such as parsley, five types of mint (spearmint, chocolate mint, catnip mint, ginger mint, peppermint), basil, three kinds of thyme (lemon thyme, silver thyme, and normal thyme) 4 types of sage (white sage, green sage, purple sage), lemon grass, chamomile, and calendula. Didi is making infused oils using the herbs from the garden. She dries the herbs and infuses the qualities into oil base.

She has made 15 flavors of soaps (coconut lemon, chamomile lavender, frankincense lavender, rose, bentonite clay with bergamot, spirulina sage, carrot orange, barley coffee, and rice soap, citrus mint blend, aloe-vera and Pachouli, pink Collin’s Clay with rose and Pachouli, oatmeal soap, calendula, and honey soap, lemongrass soap, Elam-Elam soap.) Some of the soaps are vegan based and some have goat milk. Didi buys organic lemons and oranges, grinds down the peel, dries it, and uses it for the soap. The lavender is also from the garden.

Ananda Dhiira needs volunteers to stay two weeks or more. They also can host small-group retreats and family retreats.

If you would like to order hand-made soaps from Didi, come for a retreat, or volunteer, please contact her for delivery possibilities and prices.

Didi Ananda Acira anandaacira@gmail.com and +1 (347) 530-4425

Ananda Dhiira
19393 Sanctuary Road
Penn Valley CA 95946
United States

Yoga detox camp participants with organic green smoothie

Didi Ananda Acira with participants in the detox camp by the South Yuba River newly restored covered wooden bridge

Mud packs help to purify the skin and body

Kiirtana on the deck at Ananda Dhiira during the Spirituality, Art, and Film Making Retreat. Brother Surainjan is playing the guitar, sister Shiila playing the drum and sister Kay dancing Kiirtana with Didi.

Capoeira class with sister Kay