Ananda Kanan Retreat Center latest works


There has been a lot of improvements in Ananda Kanan in the latest two months . Sudhiira is constantly working for the betterment of the entire facility. In the pictures below taken from the facebook page you may see some of the improvements and relative captions.



We did it! Finished putting a new roof on the white house (residence). Couldn’t have done it without my helper Jake.



The month of October was a good one at Ananda Kanan. We had two different yoga group retreats- people from all over the US and Canada. We had a public kiirtan and meditation retreat last weekend with a small group of people from out of town. Great family feeling, sitting around the fire, drinking cocoa and telling stories about Baba. These photos show before and after, replacing old broken windows in the dining hall. These windows actually close!


Yoga For Healing group having their retreat this weekend. Nice people!