Ananda Kanan Solar Power Project


Ananda Kanan Master Unit, Missouri is New York Sector’s Sectorial Master Unit and has accommodation for over one hundred people and hosts the yearly summer conference in July. During the Pandemic, emergency preparations to evacuate from the cities have become a real possibility. Accordingly, brother Sudhiira and Acarya Krsnabuddhyananda Avadhuta have started preparing Ananda Kanan for future emergencies. Securing water and electricity is a priority. We have our water well, but it relies on electricity to pump the water. The electricity is from the electric grid from the local providers and has on several occasions been unavailable due to storms and other situations. Securing our own electricity is therefore vital to Ananda Kanan. Sudhiira researched the cost of setting up solar power, and it cost about $32,000 for the panels, batteries, other parts of the system, and setting it up. 

The Ananda Kanan solar project is now on its way. Twenty-four solar panels arrived at the beginning of December 2021. We plan to mount these panels on the dining hall roof, close to where they will provide power for essential things like the water well pump and walk-in cooler. Our next goal is to purchase rails upon which the panels will be mounted. We plan to have solar power by summer 2022. 

People who donate $300 or more can get one of Sudhiira’s paintings. Donations can be sent to Ananda Kanan (Solar Project) c/o Michael McClure, 4558 Private Road 1674, Willow Springs MO 65793. Please contact Sudhiira for more information, or 417-252-4797.