Ananda Marga Spiritual Conference, July 1 – 7, 2018


Ananda Marga Spiritual Conference was held at Ananda Kanan Master Unit from July 1 to 7 with the attendance of 60 Margiis, and 20 Dadas and Didis. 

The Conference started with Ananda Marga Seminar. Central Representative Acarya Rudrananda Avadhuta gave classes on Yoga and Bhakti and Adarsha and Iista, and Acarya Diiptimanananda Avadhuta gave class on Sadvipra. On July 3 afternoon the seminar concluded with Departmental and Trade meetings, review of last six months and presentation of the plans for the next six months.

Most of the evening programs were devotional in nature with two Katha Kiirtana and story telling by the bonfire on the last day. The last program of the day was always Avarta Kiirtana and collective meditation.

On 4th of July, everyone joined the Parade at Willow Springs. The annual parade is a very nice event where all the residents of Willow Springs and nearby farmers line up at the side of the main street of Willow Springs. The Parade has normally many decorated vintage cars, tractors, horse carts and other special vehicles where the owners also dress up in costumes and throw candy and other sweets to the children and adults watching the Parade.

The celebration of the 4th of July has a very local and characteristic feeling and Ananda Marga is accepted in the community and adds color to the festivity. The Margiis, Dadas, and Didis walked with Ananda Marga banner and sang Kiirtana for everyone.

Ac. Dhruva lead a small team of volunteers for the annual road cleaning by the highway close to Ananda Kanan, and was joined by more Margiis and WTs after the Parade. 

In the evening of 4th of July, a RAWA cultural program was organized by Devika, Bhagwanti, and Sandeep Khanuja. The program was very lively with many nice performances. Some of the highlights included a beautiful yoga dance performed by Akhileshvarii and Svasti and choreographed by Avadhutika Ananda Acira Acarya. Yudhisthiira from Phoenix performed an American folk song, LFT brothers Rajdeep and Trimurti did a Martial Arts demonstration, and Margiis performed Bhajans and Prabhata Samgiita. 

On 5th of July most of the participants went for outing by the nearby river. The weather was very pleasant during the outing and the Margiis, Dadas and Didis enjoyed outdoor meditation and picnic. 

On the last day there was Ananda Mela, a sport and game program where everyone, old and young joined fun games and sports in the hot morning sun. The conference concluded with Akhanda Kiirtana, closing ceremony, and Baba Video. 

During the conference all the programs were smoothly on time by the collective effort of everyone and good time keeping and humorous reminders of Acarya Satyamitrananda Avadhuta. Two LFT brothers, Trimurti from San Fransisco and Rajdeep from Brazil helped with the programs and preparations and lead the team of young Margiis. The young Margiis performed dramas and dance in the RAWA evening program, and took active part in other programs. Acarya Muktatmananda Avadhuta did a wonderful job in organizing the kitchen cooking and cleaning that was all done by the participants. Brother Sudhiira is taking care of Ananda Kanan with the help of Acarya Krsnabuddhyananda Avadhuta. Sudhiira’s untiring effort to keep Ananda Kanan in optimal condition is appreciated by everyone. 

The preparations of the conference have been going on for the last one year under the guidance of Acarya Abhiramananda Avadhuta, Sectorial Secretary of Ananda Marga in New York Sector. Many thanks to the NY Sectorial ACB Committee Members who took active participation in the plannig and preparation of the Conference, and other Margiis, Dadas and Didis.