Anniversary of Prabhat Samgiita


RAWA CANADA celebrates Prabhat Saungiita Day on September 15 in Toronto Canada . More than 100 people attended the program. Children, adults, and elders participated with great joy. Several groups performed dances. Group and solo singing was done. Young people explained on stage the meaning and purpose of Prabhat Samgiita.

Rachana Mehara, a well-known artist in the USA and Canada also performed by singing. The 4 hours program started with Samgacchadhvam and ended with Baba Nam Kevalam.

The program was made successful by the hard work of Acarya Parinirvananda Avadhuta. Kiirtana Dev and Anusha, Mirnali did wonderful performance along with other artists. Devan, Avanish, Purvesh, Jodhan helped to make the program entertaining.

Ac. Iishvarakrsnananda Avt. – Sectorial RAWA Secretary – attended and enjoyed the program.