Opening, Not Closing, the Heart With Kiirtana

A popular shloka is often quoted from devotional scriptures regarding kiirtana. It is said:

Náhaḿ vasámi Vaekuńt́he yogiináḿ hrdaye na ca

Madbhaktá yatra gáyante tatra tiśt́hámi Nárada.

Náráyańa says where He remains and where He does not. Náráyańa is all-pervasive (sarvánusruta). In scriptures the all-pervasive entity is known as Viśńu.

Vistárah sarvabhútasya Viśńorvishvamidaḿ jagat.

Viśńupuráńa –Trans.

“Náhaḿ vasámi Vaekuńt́he” – I don’t remain in Vaekuńt́ha. What is Vaekuńt́ha? “Kuńt́há” means “contraction.” Why does this contraction enter the mind? When a person commits sin and is guided by baser instincts, the mind gets contracted. And in a contracted mind, the átman does not get scope of expansion. For the sake of expression of the soul, the contraction has to be removed. When does this contraction leave the mind? It happens when the mind moves away from sin. When the contraction has left the mind, the sin is removed, and the person attaining this will have Vaekuńt́ha in the heart. “Náhaḿ vasámi vaekuńt́he” – Náráyańa says that He does not remain in Vaekuńt́ha.

“Yogiináḿ hrdaye na ca” – He does not remain in the hearts of yogiis, either. If He does not remain in the hearts of yogiis, where does He remain? But if Náráyańa says it, what should I say? We have to got to accept it.

Who is a yogii?

Saḿyoga yoga ityuktá jiivátmá Paramátmanah

When jiivátmá (unit consciousness) and Paramátmá (Cosmic Consciousness) become one, that is yoga. The word yoga originates from the Saḿskrta root word “yuiṋj” plus “ghaiṋ.” It means “addition.” If two plus two becomes four, the components can manage to keep their separate existences. Two mangoes plus two mangoes are four mangoes; but these four mangoes can be of four different types, though these two have become four. In this case, they have not become one; their separate existences are not united. This kind of addition is not real yoga. Real yoga is there where there is unification (samarasa), i.e., that kind of addition in which separate entities do not exist at all. All become one. This alone is the real meaning of yoga. One who has become perfected in this kind of yoga is a yogii. The second meaning of yoga is “yogascittavrtti nirodhah.” When different propensities in human beings are suspended, that state is known as “yoga,” and one who has done this is a yogii.

So, Náráyańa says that He does not remain in the hearts of yogiis either. How strange it is! Náráyańa is all pervasive. Is the heart of a yogii beyond sarva (all)? But there is an answer.

“Madbhaktá yatra gáyante tatra tiśt́hámi nárada.” – Where devotees sing my name, there alone I remain. O Nárada, I transfer my nucleus to that place. What is the meaning of “Nárada?” There are three meanings of the word “nára” in Saḿskrta. One meaning of “nára” is “niira,” water. The second meaning is “Paramá Prakrti” (Supreme Creative Principle), from which the word Náráyańa has come. The third meaning of the word nára is “devotion.” “Nára” plus “da”. The word ́dá has come from the root word, “da”, which means “giver.” One who distributes devotion is Nárada. So it is said, to Nárada, “I transfer my nucleus to the place where my devotees sing my name.” Why? Because in devotees there is upsurge (Ucchavása) and emotion (Ávega). With the help of that emotion, I radiate vibrations in the universe.

How can vibrations emanate from the heart of a yogii who has closed all the ten doors of his person by suspending his propensities? Even if Náráyańa shifts His nucleus there, His radiation cannot unfold therefrom.

But if He seats Himself in the midst of devotees, the entire universe is vibrated with that vibration. The object of Náráyańa will be served in this very thing. Hence, it is wise on the part of Náráyańa to remain the heart of devotees. It is true that Náráyańa is everywhere, but the origin (sphurańa), radiation (viksurańa) and sensation (spandana) of His vibration will not be everywhere. He is everywhere, but that vibration originates from that place where His nucleus is. He seats that nucleus at that place where devotees sing His name. What can be a better place than that?

Hence, that utterance of Náráyańa is a fact.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, 20 August 1978, Patna

Woman’s Retreat in Atlanta

Sister Amrita organized a very inspiring new people women’s retreat in Atlanta, and Avadhutika Ananda Acira Acarya gave all the classes on January 28, 2023. This retreat was in person, and some joined online. The day started with yoga, followed by an introduction to meditation, mantra, and Kiirtan. Everyone learned the basic technique of meditation. 

The main workshop was “The Layers of The Mind,” where everyone got a deeper understanding of how the mind works and how to develop the potentiality of each layer of the mind. It was an interesting topic and ensued in a long but enjoyable discussion. It was amazing that the participants came from ten different countries. After the classes, we served a delightful sentient dinner, inspiring the participants to change their diet to vegetarian. Everyone who came to the retreat expressed that they were happy and inspired by the retreat, and some of them wanted to stay longer in the Satsaunga.

Winter Retreat in Dallas, New Year 2023

Group photo after the art class

The Winter Retreat, New Year 2023, took place at Cleburne State Park, Dallas Region, from December 28 to January 1, 2023. The Winter Retreat was a great ending to the year 2022 and a start for the new year 2023. It was a very inspiring retreat organized by Avadhutika Ananda Acira Acarya, Avadhutika Ananda Hitaprabha Acarya, Sister Vandana, and supported by Dallas margiis. 

In this retreat, we had various activities and classes that some Margiis facilitated. Sister Sananda gave an interesting and interactive session called “The key to Happiness.” She elaborated on the explanation of Yama Niyama and had a great discussion on how to apply it practically in daily life. An Art Class by Sister Prema attracted the beauty and creativity in everyone, where everyone was able to create their own beautiful art piece, even if they had no experience at all in drawing, just by using a burned twig that we collected from nature and applying it on the paper. During the workshop, sister Prema delivered it vivaciously and in a fun way. Everyone was amazed at their own art and discovered that we all have that subtle creativity within ourselves that needs to be brought out.

Ac. Iishvarakrsnanda and Ac. Muktatmananda Avt. gave philosophy and devotional classes. They were very inspiring and gave deeper devotional feelings toward the Guru. Another interactive discussion and sharing on practical life as a sadhaka were facilitated by Avadhutika Ananda Acira Acarya and Avadhutika Ananda Aparajita Acarya. Sister Prema and brother Dave gave a capoeira class. It was fun, and everyone enjoyed the movements.

Ingenious artists brought the RAWA program to the next level, so many creativities were shown: acrobatic yoga dance, contemporary dance, Prabhat Samgiit dances, poems, capoeira, and devotional songs were so fascinating and inspiring. So many touching stories during Katha Kiirtan and bonfires colored our evenings with devotional feelings. Walking in nature every morning was another breathtaking activity where we felt so refreshed, and the closeness with nature also gave us a good feeling and helped deepen our meditation. Of course, we had so many Akhanda Kiirtans. A special New Year Kiirtan on the 31st December night was very vibrated, filled our hearts with love and devotion, and inspired us to start our 2023 with positive energy and spiritual movement.

Delightful sentient meals were served every day by Margiis and Acharyas. Throughout the retreat, everyone seemed ready to give helping hands in the kitchen as needed, making us feel at home. This time so many young margiis attended the retreat and created positive energy. Laughter and smiling faces reflected the happiness and inspiration that everyone got in this retreat. All happened by the Grace of our Guru.

Brother Girish performing during the RAWA evening

Acarya Iishvarakrsnananda Avadhuta, RU/RAWA Secretary, with children performing in the RAWA program


Online Spiritual Festival, November 11 – 13, 2022

Welcome to the Online Spiritual Festival, November 11 – 13, 2022!

We hope you find time to join this exciting online program that will feature classes and workshops on PROUT, devotional topics, Neohumanistic Education, as well as Katha Kiirtana, a presentation from WWD (Women’s Welfare Department) and Master Units.

During the Pandemic, we mainly were doing online programs. We realized that the online format has many benefits, such as having presenters from various areas, affordability, and ease of attending for the Margiis. The Spiritual Festival last year was especially inspiring, and we are therefore continuing this online program.

Schedule for the Spiritual Festival (Google Doc)Click Here

Registration and Donations

Please fill out the registration form here below. Once you submit the registration form, you will get the Zoom link for the online programs. The Spiritual Festival is a free event, but please consider donating to support Ananda Marga, the organizers, and contributors. The suggested donation is $35, but you are welcome to attend for free or donate more or less.


Rectory at Ananda Girisuta

The Rectory at Ananda Girisuta is now coming near completion. Recently, we completed the outside of the Rectory by painting the siding and the deck.
The first floor is completed, and brother Dharmapala has moved in. The upper floor still needs most of the finishing work. The electricity and plumbing are completed, but we will still need to connect the toilets and sinks.
Recently, Dada Diiptimanananda visited Ananda Girisuta and, together with a local handyman, finished most of the interior painting. We will install the interior doors, flooring, and kitchen cabinets in the coming weeks and months. The target is to complete the upper floor by the end of February 2023.


We are short of funds to complete this project; if you feel inspired to donate, please go ahead!

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Please address the check to Ananda Marga, Inc., and mail it to:

Ananda Marga, Inc
524 Ananda Girisuta Drive
Marshall NC 28753
United States

Painting the Rectory

The rectory seen from the driveway

Dada Diiptimanananda and Max painted the second floor of the Rectory in October 2022.


The Northern Lights Bless Ananda Marga’s Future in Alaska

The Aurora Borealis has been blessing the northernmost Master Unit in the New York Sector in recent weeks. Ananda Marga has a beautiful 66-acre rural property on the fringes of Fairbanks, ALASKA, a ten-minute drive from the University of Alaska. Our dear late brother Govinda donated the land and buildings to Ba’ba’ in 1995. He lived there until his last days while he dedicated himself to spirituality, the Mission, and growing Ananda Marga there. Regardless of the limitation due to physical disease, he remained determined in these respects. Govinda regularly joined our Satsaunga through summer conferences at Ananda Kanan and elsewhere in the “lower 48” states of the US, even when he was confined to a wheelchair. Soon after Govinda dedicated the land for use as an Ananda Marga Master Unit, the project was given the name of “Ananda Ala’ka” by our Reverend Purodha Pramukha, the late Acarya Shraddhananda Avadhuta.

Recently, Acarya Abhiramananda, our Sectorial Secretary, and Acarya Dhruva traveled to the Master Unit to experience it, join our Alaska community, and prepare for the future of Ananda Marga close to the Arctic Circle (only 115 miles to the north). Previously, Dada and Dhruva had successfully struggled in a years-long effort to save the Master Unit. Around 2011 it was discovered that some persons had improperly and illegally taken the property away from Ananda Marga. After years of legal work and a favorable decision from an Alaska Court this last spring, the property was deeded back to Ananda Marga.  

The conditions they found at the property were consistent with the situation where there had been no order or sense of responsibility, as for those many years, no AM representative was allowed to access and restore its sentient and spiritual qualities. Even now, two cabins (former homes) on the site are largely inhabitable as they are full of mold and in disrepair.

During this recent visit, with the help of the long-time Margii Sister Usha and other volunteers, they restored electricity, initiated the property cleanup, rented a 40-yard roll-off dumpster, and secured the property with a locked gate and doors. Contractors to help with the plumbing and the water sourcing were also arranged. And, importantly, they established residence for a family of vegetarians/sympathizers to stay on-site in order to safe-keep and provide a warm and friendly presence on the sacred land.  

Much work remains, such as clearing a number of abandoned vehicles, replacing the old homesteads (former worker cabins from the building of the Alaska Oil pipeline), and rebuilding and enhancing the location and local relationships. In the spring, there will be more cleanup to do. In the meantime, the regular expenses will be maintained, such as property taxes, insurance, and the building of a capital reserve to fund the next phases of this most valuable and cherished Master Unit.

The land is so precious. It is so close to civilization in Fairbanks, Alaska’s northernmost town, yet it is far enough away so the town’s night lights do not interfere with the view of the sky. The stars on a clear night seem within one’s reach. The Northern Lights are sometimes elusive, but they have been showing up in recent months and can be seen during clear skies in all their cosmic glory. Also, Alaska wildlife makes the area their home. It is common to see moose and foxes. Bears are rarely seen. People travel to the area from all around the world to experience the majesty of this area of Central Alaska.

The Ananda Ala’ka land straddles a shallow, sloping, south-facing hillside with portions that are cleared and partially filled in with brush. It also has large portions of old-growth trees with girths often exceeding eighteen inches. These trees are huge compared to the majority of other trees in the area, so you can tell they are very old. There is an eagerness to protect these old-growth trees on the property. Another valuable asset is a healthy creek (frozen completely in the winter) that flows through. Other than a few acres of the home-site side of the property, there is an abundance of flora, fauna, and undisturbed natural habitat.

With a smart and eco-sensitive approach, this natural sanctuary can be carefully cured into a lovely project that serves the Ananda Marga community, the local economy, and community needs and protect the natural flows present since ancient times. The people of Fairbanks are suffering due to a housing shortage. Adventure tourists are attracted to the area all year round – winter sports and summer days when the sun never sets. So, there is one conclusion that seems to be percolating — that we consider developing a portion of the property with eco-friendly cabins for long-term residences and possibly some of the cabins for short-term bed and breakfast use.

We invite you to come forward and declare yourself, should you be interested in participating in the growth of Ananda Marga in Alaska, as volunteers, investors, stakeholders, servants to Nature/Guru and the community – exploring with us the possibilities ahead. Further news and our future web page address will be posted in future editions of the Crimson Dawn. Should you have any interest in Ananda Marga in Alaska, the growth of this land, and/or simply wish to be kept informed, please contact Acarya Dhruva — email: or phone: +1(206)486-5135.

A pond near the creek and old growth

A pond near the creek

Ananda Aláka Master Unit Land

Creek at Ananda Aláka Master Unit


Meditation and blessing ceremony with Us’a, Nora, and family

SS Dada Abhiramanandaji gave a talk at the blessing ceremony

Blessing ceremony

Us’a, Nora, Ac. Dhruva, and Ac. Abhiramananda Avt.

Ac. Dhruva, Us’a, Isis, and their family

New sign for the entrance to Ananda A’lka

Northern lights at night at our Master Unit

Stars at night

Stars at night 2

An area that needs cleanup

Sunset at Ananda Aláka Master Unit


Ananda Kanan Solar Project Fundraiser

Ananda Kanan Master Unit has been the home for Ananda Marga for more than three decades. Sudhiira and the Ananda Kanan ACB have many plans to maintain the buildings and gradually strengthen the Master Unit aspect of Ananda Kanan. We plan to plant new fruit trees and utilize our greenhouse and raised beds. 

The water comes from our well and is pumped by electricity. If the electricity goes out, Ananda Kanan is also without water. We have recognized the urgent need for establishing solar panels to prepare for future emergencies and occasional blackouts. The ideal location is on the roof of the kitchen and dining hall. That roof is slanting towards the south and has excellent sun exposure. 

The roof needed new asphalt composite shingles, and fortunately, Sudhiira found a good contractor. That work has now been completed with the help of the income from our Summer Conference and the Ananda Kanan maintenance funds. We are next in line for installing the solar system. We have all the equipment now except some wiring. We also need a guy to design the system. Hopefully, it will be ready before winter sets in.

The Dining Hall roof

Fundraiser Video with Sudhiira (YouTube link)

We have purchased the solar panels but need to install them along with the rest of the system. Here is the breakdown of the cost:

  • $6000 Solar Panels (24 units)
  • $2000 Fasteners for the panels

Budget for the Remaining Work for the Solar Project

  • $9,000 Inverter
  • $6,000 Batteries
  • $3,000 Installation
  • $1,000 Electric stuff
  • $2000 System design and misc. 
  • Total of $21,000

Some of the other urgent repairs and renovations include:

  • The siding on the Dining Hall (replace rotten or badly warped boards, and paint)
  • Repair or replace parts of the roof, siding, and windows on the Jagrti (the White House)
  • The siding and windows on the Brothers and Sisters Dorm (replace rotten or badly warped boards, and paint. Fix windows that don’t open well.)

We hope to complete the solar project by the end of this year and start on other projects in the early spring. 

If you can contribute with money or manual labor, please contact Sudhiira ‭(417) 252-4797‬) or Dada Diiptimanananda (+1 929 257 8099.)


Please consider giving your donation to Ananda Kanan.

You can send by PayPal using the button here below

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Donations by Check

You can also send a check addressed to Ananda Kanan, Inc. and postmarked to

Ananda Marga, Inc.
3157 County Road 1670
Willow Springs, MO 65793
United States




Fundraiser for Ananda Girisuta Master Unit

Dear brothers and sisters, Namaskar!

In 1996, a group of margiis came together to construct a geodesic dome on the Atlanta regional Master Unit of Ananda Girisuta. It was the start of our regional retreat center, Ananda Girisuta, that would support public pracar efforts and provide Margiis in the Southeast US with their own place for seminars, training programs, and retreats. In 2006, the building was expanded by adding a three-story dome that can accommodate up to 35 people.
Since then, the Master Unit has been able to host concerts, community events, yoga training, and many types of retreats. But after sixteen years of operation, the building needs urgent repairs, including a new water heater to run the radiant flooring heating system and hot water for the Dharma Cakra dome and entrance, an exhaust fan for the commercial stove, and a commercial dishwasher which recently broke down. These appliances have lasted an amazingly long time but have finally reached their end.

The Ananda Girisuta Master Unit Board is taking the lead for this fundraising, but it needs collective efforts that will benefit everyone attending retreats, Dharma Cakra, and other users.

The budget for this fundraiser is $15,000, which breaks down to
$3,500 Exhaust system over the stove in the kitchen
$7,500 Heating system for radiant heat in the Dharma Cakra hall and entrance building
$4,000 Commercial dishwashing machine for the kitchen (to clean and sterilize eating utensils)

Please consider donating to help maintain the Ananda Girisuta Master Unit!

Ways to donate:

Please remember to mention that it is for the maintenance of the Ananda Girisuta domes.
Send a check to Ananda Girisuta for Ananda Marga, Inc.
Mail to:
Ananda Marga
PO BOX 232
Alexander NC 28701
United States

You can also send your donation by PayPal.
PayPal DonationsClick Here

The old commercial dishwasher had lasted for over a decade but gave up a few weeks ago. The dishwasher is an important part of the hygiene routines that the staff at the Prama Institute follow as well as Margiis and Acaryas during our retreats.

The exhaust fan for the kitchen keeps the kitchen cool and prevents the fire sprinkler system from overheating and sending an alarm and going off.

The heater for the radiant floor heat has been making loud noises for a while and is now almost non-functional, making the DC hall very cool in the early mornings during retreats.

AMURTEL Response in Ukraine

It has been an incredibly exciting and busy year, with so many projects underway for supporting the Ukrainian refugees in Romania, thanks to the rapid and generous support that many of our donors like you gave right at the beginning of the war.

That crowdfunded aid not only brought immediate emergency support at the border when 9000 refugees per day were streaming into Romania, it also enabled us to attract several larger grants. The work has been expanding and growing, reaching many refugees, ever since.  However, those funds are now running out and we need you to keep Melinda’s pioneering work in Ukraine going:

Donate to support the work in Ukraine

Melinda bringing Emergency Psychology to Hundreds of Professionals in Ukraine

Melinda, thanks to support from AMURTEL and Americares meanwhile has been giving training in Emergency Psychology to specialists in Ukraine, with 85 mental health professionals graduating from her 5-day 20-hour intensive training just in the past few days. Altogether she will be reaching hundreds of front-line workers. She also provides “help for the helpers” giving art therapy sessions for front-line psychologists and psychiatrists in Ukraine to strengthen their ability to withstand the additional strain and stress of so many trauma cases. And she has given Psychological First Aid training to about 150 non-professionals.


She also gave direct services to about 50 people while accompanying a humanitarian convoy during a project together with Help Ukraine Romania called “Food for the Body, Food for the Soul.”  While the food and goods are being distributed, Melinda sets up a listening spot to counsel people in the villages who have not yet had the opportunity to receive any psychological support to help them with the losses and traumas they are going through.  The first moment she choked up emotionally since the start of the war was when she saw people lining up to be listened to, the way they line up for bread.

Ensuring Warm Clothes, Computers, and Good Cooperation at the Border


Our project, funded by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), is now in full swing.  We now have three teams – one is still at the border, now focusing mostly on outreach work in the county, but ready to scale up at the border too, as so many Ukrainians this winter are going to be without heating and other basics, and it is very likely that there will again be surges of refugees forced to again flee.  Already we are seeing the numbers rise every day.

Meanwhile, Mihaela, our manager there, is called by the government frequently to represent NGOs at the border and continues leading coordination meetings every week that ensure good communication and timely problem-solving for all those involved in the border response. She was involved in distributing warm clothes and arranged a donation of computers to support children doing online learning to keep up with their schooling in Ukraine.

Building Goodwill Between Refugees and Romanians with Games and Stories

In the summer, in partnership with Terre des Hommes,  AMURTEL Romania’s NRC team led cooperative games and storytelling at an event in a park, bringing together children and parents from Romania and Ukraine.  This is to help build bonding and acceptance between Ukrainians and Romanians. Such initiatives are designed to prevent the build-up of resentment and tension that often happen when there is a big influx of refugees into a host community.

Mobile Team Connecting Refugees to Resources, Giving a Voice

In Bucharest, our mobile team is also very active. The team is almost entirely made up of Ukrainian refugees that we have hired. They are supporting refugees in getting smoother access to a wide variety of services.  The entire team has already reached about 10,984 people with good quality, verified information via telegram groups, and individually supported about 60 people in the past month in getting their needs for education, medical care, etc, met.

The team also gives important feedback to service providers and authorities on how to improve the services to better meet the actual needs of the refugees, according to their own experiences and their grassroots networking when doing outreach.

Supporting the Biggest Refugee Center in Brasov

In the beautiful mountain resort town of Brasov, we have a large team of 10 workers and volunteers supporting the local government there in running their biggest refugee center “CATTIA”.  Brasov already has a shining reputation in the refugee community for the hospitality and cordiality they receive there.  CATTIA offers free shelter and food to 30-50 people a day.  In addition,  hundreds of people are accessing the center every month as it also provides distribution of humanitarian goods, a kindergarten, and access to other services provided by bigger NGOs like UNHCR and Red Cross.


A Kind Listening Ear at CATTIA

Thanks to CARE France and our colleagues from SERA and FONPC in Romania,  AMURTEL has been able to provide the CATTIA center in Brasov the warm, listening ear of Kateryna.  She is also a Ukrainian refugee, with an exceptional gift for empathy and good communication.  She went to one of Melinda’s trainings in Ukraine and bonded there with her and with Oscar.  She helps support those that are in crisis, and organises stress-reducing, fun workshops for children with arts and crafts, and sessions on sensitive communication and conflict resolution for the volunteers and other workers at CATTIA.


Moments of Joy for 135 Displaced Children in Ukraine

Thanks to funds raised by AMURTEL USA, we also supported a small, new Ukrainian NGO called “Charity Fund Nowkolo UA” to write and implement its first project which served 135 displaced children – bringing light and joy to them in a dark time.  I trained them in using techniques of yoga for children, understanding trauma and how to release stress, and use of therapeutic stories and other creative forms of expression.

The project involved 8 volunteers and 4 specialists for 9 sessions of activities, including clay modeling, drawing, active games, therapeutic cinema and giving gifts and sweets.  Congratulations to Tanmaya and Arani for their leadership and success!


Amazing Logistical Team Run by Women

Help Ukraine Romania started right when the war broke out,  as an informal group of women volunteers began organizing all of the logistics for transporting humanitarian shipments into villages in Ukraine. Soon they were running a big warehouse and coordinating massive deliveries of goods.  “AMURTEL was priceless and appeared in a perfect time and needed form – by paying for the lunches and accommodation of our volunteers and covering some basic expenses for the warehouse.”  That critical support ensured the safe delivery of more than 1500 tons of goods into Ukrainian villages.

I Need Your Help to Keep Melinda’s Work Going!

The funds that supporters like you sent at the beginning of the war have nearly dried up, having been used to fill in so many gaps in the grants and to sustain Melinda’s work in Ukraine when funds from Americares ran out.

Melinda has 4 more big trainings in universities lined up to be able to pass on her skills and keep strengthening and empowering local Ukrainian psychologists and psychiatrists to be better equipped to respond to the great demands caused by the war.

I need your help to continue her work there.  We are short by about 6000 euros until December.  By Baba’s Grace and your support, I hope all of her plans will be able to happen! It has taken months to build partnerships with the universities and hospitals.

Donate to support the work in Ukraine

Thank you so much!

Your support is invaluable.  I hope that you will be inspired to see Ukrainian psychologists empowered and strengthened as your support allows Melinda to keep training them! You will be reaching so many people, easing their suffering.

Yours in Baba’s Grace,
Didi A. Devapriya


Los Angeles Regional Retreat at Ananda Dhiira, October 6 to 9, 2022

Avadhutika Ananda Acira Acarya, Avtk. Ananda Hitaprabha Ac. and Ac. Diiptimanananda Avt. and Margiis in the San Fransisco Bay Area organized Los Angeles Regional Retreat. The retreat took place at Ananda Dhiira Master Unit in Grass Valley, CA, from October 6 – 9, 2022, and was attended by thirty people. 

The retreat was the first regional retreat for LA Region since 2019, and the Margiis were happy to come together for a retreat at Ananda Dhiira. The retreat was held a day after RDS at Los Altos Hills, and all the Dadas and Didis attending the RDS came to the retreat. 

Some of the highlights of the retreat included an interactive workshop on Friday morning facilitated by Ac. Diiptimanananda Avt. and a class on devotion by Ac. Muktatmananda Avt. in the afternoon. In the evening, we had Katha Kiirtana. 

On Saturday, October 8, we celebrated Kiirtana day with Akhanda Kiirtana in the morning and afternoon. In the morning, after breakfast, we walked to the South Yuba river and divided into groups, brothers in one area and sisters further down the river. Some of the brothers had mudpacks, sunbathed, and bathed in the river. We did noon meditation by the river. Brother Rudranath and sister Ánandii had revolutionary marriage in the evening. Rudranath was born in Algeria but moved to Russia, and sister Ánandii is from northern Russia. They have recently moved to the US. The wedding ceremony was beautiful, and everyone was happy with the program. Ac. Muktatmananda Avt. and Avtk. An. Acira Ac. led the wedding ceremony. 

Getting ready for a group photo after the wedding

Dadas and Didis attending RDS at Los Altos Hills Jagrti, October 3 to 5, 2022

Didi Ananda Acira leading group discussion during a morning workshop.

Group photo on the deck at Ananda Dhiira.

Revolutionary Marriage Ceremony of sister Ánandii and brother Rudranath

Group photo of Didis and sisters during the retreat. From left: Ánandii, Yogeshvarii, Isabella, Haripriya, Arunima, Priiti, Nirmala, Didi Ananda Sutiirtha, and Didi Ananda Acira.

On Friday morning, we went to the river for relaxing and taking sunbath. Brother Girish sitting in awe over the beauty and stillness!

South Yuba River. This photo is taking from the bridge.

Friday morning workshop group discussion. Arunima is explaining, and Dada Iishvarakrsnananda, Isabela, and Haripriya are listening.