Assisting the disabled in Monterrey Mexico


Brother Phanindra in Monterrey has dedicated his life to serve the disabled. Several years back he was able to raise enough donations for a few wheels chairs. Persevering in his effort he is now able through the non profit organization he established to provide assistance to thousands disabled every year.

On July 21st a special service event was organized during which more than 150 wheel chairs, walking stick, & some other items were distributed to the disable persons .  Ac. Cirananda Avt. was guest of honor and he participated to the event.

Coming from  Ananda Kanan Summer Retreat  Dada Cirananda felt important to start again the feeding program that is now happening every week. The food is prepared at the Ananda Marga Center (Jagrti) in the evening and it is distributed downtown to the homeless who come to take shelter for the night.