Devotion in Motion

Group picture at the Interfaith Vigil for World Unity at the Methodist Church in Grass Valley, CA

(Group picture at the Interfaith Vigil for World Unity at the Methodist Church in Grass Valley, CA)

In November 2017 Didi Ananda Aparajiita and Didi Ananda Kalyanmitra decided to start a devotional and inspirational team to do pracar, meet margiis, and promote Ananda Marga retreats. The duo tour started in California (Los Altos Hills, Stanton University and Los Angeles), passing by Arizona (Phoenix), New Mexico (Albuquerque) and reaching Colorado (Denver).

During our first tour we had the chance to meet many margiis and new people. It is always a pleasure to give classes to people interested in learning meditation, to see the spark of devotion arouse inside them and share our love for kiirtan, spiritual practices and Ananda Marga philosophy.
We also opened a FaceBook page, so you can follow us, see the places we visit, the activities we did and LIKE us too!



We are planning another tour later this year: if you would like us to come and visit you, organize Kiirtan, meditation classes, initiation, pracar, and open PWSA club please contact us!! +1-210-941-6861 +1-530-615-9529


PWSA program in Denver

Devotion in Motion organized a Program – Progressive Women’s Spiritual Association Retreat in Denver.

We gathered first at the Jagrtii for a brief introduction and ice breaking game; after that we had a sharing talk on what’s PWSA and how to implement its goals in our surroundings. We had different generations of women and it was nice to see the progress in women’s rights and mental attitude from one generation to another. All of us were very inspired to start something in Denver.

After the gathering in Perl Street Jagrtii, with the help of some brothers we prepared food for distribution to homeless in 2 areas of the city and went distributing all together. After the distribution we continued our PWSA gathering at Morning Star Pre-school on Washington St.

Our program continued with kiirtan and meditation, potluck lunch, a lovely jamming program organized by MahaJyoti, more brainstorming with the sisters on how to apply social service and uplifting programs for women and children in the city of Denver and a class on Bio-Psychology given by Didi Ananda Kalyanmitra.

All the sisters who participated in the program were really inspired to take duties on continuing serving women and children in difficulties and decided to form a PWSA club. It is a long time since such a club was established in NY sector and we hope it will serve as a pilot and an example for more clubs to come.

New FB group for Beginners

Devotion in Motion team opened a new Facebook group for beginners, to serve as a platform for learning and asking questions about Ananda Marga practices and philosophy.
The group is opened only for beginners who are either not initiated at all, or got initiated in the last one year. Membership in the group can last up to two years.
The idea behind this group is to have a beginners environment, dedicated to study and sharing different beginners struggles and experiences.
If you are interested, or know anyone who might be, please invite them to join.
The FB name is: Ananda Marga for Beginners

The address is: