Fundraiser for Ananda Girisuta Master Unit

Dear brothers and sisters, Namaskar!

In 1996, a group of margiis came together to construct a geodesic dome on the Atlanta regional Master Unit of Ananda Girisuta. It was the start of our regional retreat center, Ananda Girisuta, that would support public pracar efforts and provide Margiis in the Southeast US with their own place for seminars, training programs, and retreats. In 2006, the building was expanded by adding a three-story dome that can accommodate up to 35 people.
Since then, the Master Unit has been able to host concerts, community events, yoga training, and many types of retreats. But after sixteen years of operation, the building needs urgent repairs, including a new water heater to run the radiant flooring heating system and hot water for the Dharma Cakra dome and entrance, an exhaust fan for the commercial stove, and a commercial dishwasher which recently broke down. These appliances have lasted an amazingly long time but have finally reached their end.

The Ananda Girisuta Master Unit Board is taking the lead for this fundraising, but it needs collective efforts that will benefit everyone attending retreats, Dharma Cakra, and other users.

The budget for this fundraiser is $15,000, which breaks down to
$3,500 Exhaust system over the stove in the kitchen
$7,500 Heating system for radiant heat in the Dharma Cakra hall and entrance building
$4,000 Commercial dishwashing machine for the kitchen (to clean and sterilize eating utensils)

Please consider donating to help maintain the Ananda Girisuta Master Unit!

Ways to donate:

Please remember to mention that it is for the maintenance of the Ananda Girisuta domes.
Send a check to Ananda Girisuta for Ananda Marga, Inc.
Mail to:
Ananda Marga
PO BOX 232
Alexander NC 28701
United States

You can also send your donation by PayPal.
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The old commercial dishwasher had lasted for over a decade but gave up a few weeks ago. The dishwasher is an important part of the hygiene routines that the staff at the Prama Institute follow as well as Margiis and Acaryas during our retreats.

The exhaust fan for the kitchen keeps the kitchen cool and prevents the fire sprinkler system from overheating and sending an alarm and going off.

The heater for the radiant floor heat has been making loud noises for a while and is now almost non-functional, making the DC hall very cool in the early mornings during retreats.