Good news from Ananda Dhiira Master Unit, California

Avtk. Ananda Acira Ac. is taking care of Ananda Dhiira Master Unit in Penn Valley, Northern California. The Master Unit is thriving in all respects. Didi has a beautiful kitchen garden with herbs, spices, vegetables, and flowers. She makes eco-enzymes out of fermented vegetables and fruit peels and cuttings that she utilizes for making cleaning products and enhancing the vitality of the vegetable garden. Didi has also studied how to make quality compost and utilizes it for the garden. As a result of the meticulous care, the vegetables are full of vitality and have grown exceptionally large this summer. 

This summer, Didi was active in pracar and helped organize three meditation retreats, where she initiated ten sisters. Didi Ananda Acira and Didi Ananda Hitaprabha organized a Sister’s Retreat at Ananda Dhiira in September 2022, attended by six sisters, and one got initiated.

Sister Retreat at Ananda Dhiira in September 2022. Didi Ananda Hitaprabha and Didi Ananda Acira with the sisters