Good News from Ottawa Region


The Margiis in Canada have reestablished the monthly Akhanda Kiirtana, discontinued during the Pandemic. The downtown Toronto unit continues new people’s classes and Dharma Cakra in a rented yoga studio. Brother Nirmal, Ananda Mohan, and other Margiis have initiated this pracar effort and are planning new people retreats with Ac. Dayashiilananda Avt. and Ac. Parinirvanananda Avt. in the spring and summer. They also continue the homeless feeding program regularly. Brother Chitrainjan Deo and Saumya Gupta have recently moved to Toronto with their daughter and have added joy and live to the Margii community. 

Ac. Dayashiilananda Avt. gave seminar classes in Toronto and Gatineau with a good attendance of the Margiis. He writes: “We resumed in-person yoga classes at Carleton U and uOttawa in the second half of January. We had a successful online retreat with new meditators from January 20 – 22. We had a good New Year 2023 celebration with Akhanda Kiirtan in Toronto at sister Mita’s home; twelve people participated

Dada Dayashiilananda is giving a seminar class in Toronto

Sattvik collective meal

Dharma Cakra

Yoga studio that the Margiis rent for beginner classes and weekly Dharma Cakra