It is never too late


Namaskar all, 

I simply wanted to share this picture with you. It is of a student of mine in Mexico who just learned how to meditate.  Baba advise us to learn meditation as early as possible. Some do not get the opportunity to do so. While elderly people may not contribute to society as much as they did in their younger age, they are still very valuable members of society and deserve our love, attention and care.  Baba taught us that all have the same existential value. 
I just wanted to remind us all that regarding spirituality, it is never too late, not for others and not for ourselves. 

Whatever spiritual matter you have now at your hands – do not postpone, do it now! 

*The text in the picture says in Spanish – “Identify your mind with Him and you will realize that even the minutest objects are you… The universe which is the manifestation of the Cosmic Energy will appear as your own manifestation.  You meditate on Him and He meditates on you.” Baba (in “Bhakti-Rúpa Setu – Devotion Acts Like a Bridge”)

Avadhutika Ananda Aparajiita Acarya.