Meditation Circle


A circle is a medicine by itself. To sit in a circle is already an accomplishment towards union. It facilitate the expression of the inner self towards “the center” . When we meditate in a circle our minds get together in communion. Even if we don’t know how to meditate just sitting together in silence is sufficient for creating the conducive atmosphere for healing and restoring harmony. But there is more we can do together for paving the way to a progressive transformation.

The offer – what we have in terms of possessions, achievements or even losses is not really “ours”. It is a temporary state of belonging that we define as “mine”. We can call them properly our attachments. Most of the attachments we have are actually a cause of suffering. Sometimes we want to get rid of those attachments but we don’t know how. A meditation circle is an ideal place for placing in the middle of the circle a physical object that relates to a memory. At the end of the session according to personal desire it can be shared, changed of ownership, destroyed or in certain cases returned to the original offerer charged by the loving intentions of the collective meditation. And there is much more that we cannot explain but only experience …

The objects can be used also as a talking stick passed around in order to facilitate the sharing of emotions and thoughts which surge inside. Each object come alive once the offerer explains what it represents and others are free to comment on it.

The meditation circle is a space for creativity and free thinking. It is never the same and all enjoy equal rights and equal position. We can offer a song or a chant as well as some food to share at the end. It is a free participation of souls without the need of formalities or recognition. There is no fee or financial obligation.

The place where we hold a meditation circle can be fixed or it can be rotated. Anybody can offer to host a meditation circle at any convenient time.

In New York on November 9 we had a first meditation circle participated by 3 brothers and 4 acaryas. It was a beautiful experience where we learned from each other and we discovered something more about ourself. We had the opportunity to share our inner desires and intentions which lead to our actions recognizing once more how beautiful we are as human beings and how much we can offer to others and to society in general. We are looking forward for the next meditation circle coming together and making further steps on the spiritual path.