Ac. Aksarananda Avt. passed away in Tanzania


Namaskar All,

With deep sadness I would like to inform all of you that our former
Ananda Kanak, Master Unit Rector in Quebec, Dada Aksarananda suddenly
died in Tanzania.
He dedicated his whole life to serve humanity as an acharya of Ananda
Marga. He was a good human being and friend to many of us.
His sense of humor and positive attitude will be missed by those who
had a chance to work with him.
Let Baba’s Grace be with him forever.

In Him,


Just few minutes ago I got information that Acarya Aksarananda Avadhut
Passed away in Tanzania. Malaria may be the main reason for his death.
He survived in Kenya few years ago when he was shot by criminals.He
was most of the time in India recovering from that injury. Recently he
was visiting his sector where he was posted as a SS Nairobi since
many years.
I was deeply shocked with the news. He had served our mission
for many years.

Acarya Iishvarakrsnananda Avadhuta
New York

Remembering Acarya Aksarananda Avadhuta.

He was a worker from 1966 with his first posting at Jaipur Rajasthan… We worked together in Nairobi sector in 1991-1994. I had no chance to work with him earlier.

He came close to me like own brother, when I met him again in Canada, at Ottawa Master Unit. I think it was 2003-04. I also sheltered him as such, although there were only few occasions years later during WRDS’s that we had time to share. And that was for the last couple of years.

He did some great services to Baba’s mission since early pre-emergency years and during emergency days, if I am correct. Baba loved him very fondly like a precious reserve. That’s sad, we could not save him from this hazard where as he survived the lethal attack fighting bandits in Nairobi. I know how cerebral malaria damages you, as I have myself gone through that ordeal fighting for life for six days in coma, in 1994. My prayers before Baba for the departed soul of His son.

Brotherly yours;
At His Lotus Feet,
Ac. Vimalananda Avt.
SS NY Sector