Ananda Dham Master Unit today as seen by Dada Vimaleshananda


Ananda Dham Master Unit is located in California near Los Angeles. It is a productive master unit where crops are sold at the local farmer’s market as organic produce. Some crops are specialty items which are always in demand. Today Dada Gananathananda went to the local Farmer’s Market in Lancaster together with a Korean margi that is visiting. The images have been taken this morning August 10 2013. The “peach farm” as we knew it is just a memory. Difficult to think about replacing all the lost trees in an area that has become barren land prone to floods in the near future. But the master unit is still there with dada busy as usual. “This is a fantastic place for meditation” states Dadaji. It was before and still remain today the treasure of Ananda Dham.

As I look at the little birds picking on the sunflower seeds out of the large window of the house I wonder what really have changed. The landscape? Yes. The amount of work? No. The life of a monk who is an example of dedication and sacrifice? Of course not. Yesterday when I arrived he medicated my feet that was getting infected. He mixed two liquids and after that I start feeling burning. In the morning the infection was no more.

Nothing changes really speaking I thought as I lightly burned the meal prepared with fresh kale, tofu and sweet potatoes.
Dada text-ed me when I was still in Los Altos and I could not get a ride. “Don’t take the bicycle otherwise you will be cooked like a pizza.” Brother Sainjay was in the office when I approached asking some of his time. “Two minutes” he conceded. How to go to the Peach Farm from here? He looked on craiglist. There was a ride leaving shortly. I called and I booked it. As I went outside looking for Sainjay he was no more around. Dada Vimalananda from upstairs indicated a car that was parked the other side of the road. I asked a ride to the driver. I was on. Reaching before 11 pm at night the gps was giving 0.2 miles more to cover. “This is the place!”. People believe more gps than God. He didn’t go until I crossed the gate welcomed by the four dogs of Dada.

The Future of Ananda Dham Master Unit

Difficult to say. There were 31 margi during a lively Akhanda Kiirtan coming from the whole LA area. There is sentiment for this project as well as for the Dada that have been working so hard to keep it flourishing. Nature have changed the landscape of the whole valley. Karen came from the neighbor Green Valley which is twenty minutes away by car. She showed me how the fire jumped from one hill to another leaving patches of land miraculously unscathed. 40 houses were lost. One property near the master unit has been put on sale. The surroundings have a spiritual tradition and the nearby Lake Elizabeth is the only natural lake in the whole area, sacred to the native Indians with many tales about it. Karen uses to meditate in a patch of old oak trees near her house were she experience a very good vibration. She told me about two caves nearby that Dada knows too. It is a challenge for everybody here in the valley. Dada have tried to make a lake on the land as this is a must for a master unit. In the present situation it would be even more important but it is not easy and only one neighbor succeeded at the cost of poisoning all the golfers animals which would cause a tremendous impact in an organic produce farm. He suggests to wait and see as the nature adjust to the new condition. He had a relative success promoting the place for spiritual retreats. “Like a monastery” he says. I wonder if the burned soil could be good for making water filters. Dada mentioned about solar panels and solar water heaters. The birds are eating the unripe peaches not finding other source of food. Now it is night and the silence is very thick. Good for writing or making a script for a movie. It is time to sleep. Goodnight!