Ananda Marga at Health Awareness event in Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY



Brooklyn’s Brownsville has a notorious history of being one of New York’s most dangerous and impoverished neighborhoods. By Baba’s grace we were invited to introduce Meditation and Yoga to the Brownsville Community during a Health Awareness fair hosted by the Health First insurance company. On a Saturday afternoon from 12-3pm Health First arranged a fairground venue space on a housing project yard and invited doctors, musicians, clowns, healers etc. Free health check-ups were accompanied with a live concert, face painting for kids, pranic healing, free fruit and of course free meditation and yoga.

Many people expressed their gratitude to learn the Babanam Kevalam siddha mantra for expansion of consciousness. Some Brownsville locals passed by our table with yoga mats in their bags coming home from yoga classes. Apparently yoga is not something completely out of reach from the community. However, several youth were eager to learn yoga postures and Baba’s Kaoshikii dance. Everyone who decided to sit for meditation felt a sense of calm attained by the short practice.

Contacts were made with those who felt interest to learn more about meditation and help introduce it into other sectors of New York’s marginalized communities.

Sincerely His,
Dada Paramasukha