Ananda Marga – basic words and meaning



This is a universal mantra which has as meaning the largest possible thought. It is in Sanskrit which is the most ancient and root of all languages.

BABA means Father as Universal Father or Creator

NAM means name

KEVALAM means only (EK in Sanskrit is the number one)
“Only the name of the Father” is one of the many interpretations of this universal mantra. It can be translated also as “Repeating the name of the most cherished Love Divine” or “Everything is an expression of Love Divine”

MANTRA is a word that indicates that which liberates the mind from attachments.

Baba Nam Kevalam can be sang and can be used for meditation that in this case means to chant internally without making any external sound.


We can say that meditation is concentrated thinking on the Divine. The basic principle is that what we think with concentration we are going to get. If we want to reach the spiritual realm it is sufficient to think about it with concentration using the mantra which contains the seed of spirituality.

When we meditate we manage to keep the body still, closing the eyes, tongue that touches the upper part of the mouth and above all keeping the spine straight. It is possible to meditate for log periods of time but it is recommended regularity more than duration. Twice a day with regularity for 20′ minutes each time is an ideal time to start.

Time and place are relative although the best time is at dawn and at sunset always before eating in order to have the maximum energy available for the mind.

Group meditation is always more effective and collective meditation once a week is the basic for creating a strong group bonding.

Meditation removes mental heaviness and creates an all-round wellness.
Only human beings have an adequate body for meditation both phisically and physiologically.

ANANDA MARGA (Path of Bliss) is a world organization which promotes the all-round well-being of all including animals and plants.

ACARYAS (spiritual teachers) of Ananda Marga teach meditation free of charge in individual form as a form of service to humanity. is a new website dedicated to Dharma Pracar (Propagation of Dharma) which offers more information and details providing also contacts for learning meditation in your own locality or elsewhere.

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