Ananda Marga School in Chitaipur, UP India


“This school is run by the grace of God”. With this sentence Rasmani describes his experience as a rector of an Ananda Marga project near the Training Center for Acaryas in Varanasi – India. As a trainee the school is also part of a direct experience he is getting before becoming Acarya. It is a tough job considering that the children pay a tuition of 2 dollars per months and he has to manage two shifts of around 15o students giving attention to the parents, receiving their payments and taking care of the infrastructures that would need some renovation.
He is not asking money. Actually his attention is completely focus on the Ananda Marga sstem of education that includes physical and mental drills called PT parade which he leads every Saturday. Children like it so much and course they learn in that way English, discipline and even the Samscrit Slokas that eventually will remain in their mind as guiding stars on the path of spirituality. Although the school is so poor the parents are very happy and send their children because they receive a better education and cheap too. At Varanasi Training Center for Acaryas of Annada Marga trainees are educated to be self-sufficient by growing their own food in a near by rural project called master unit. Their they grow rice in two varieties and other vegetables. Also in the training center they plant any kind of vegetables, medicinal plants and spices for their food. Electricity is not stable in the whole area of Varanasi and this adds an extra challenge for the trainees. Maybe some solar lamps would be a good solution.