Ananda Marga Seminar in New York


From February 1st – 2013 Ananda Marga will hold a Seminar for three days till February 3rd at the Sectorial Jagrti of New York located in Queens at 97-38 42nd Ave, Corona, NY 11368.

All are invited to attend this First Diocese Seminar which will end on February 3rd after three hours Akhanda Kiirtan starting at 11 AM . Dharma Cakra and collective meal will follow as usual for the first Sunday of the month which is an opportunity for all margi to rejoy and partecipate in this special spiritual event.

Three days seminar means time for enjoying kiirtan, meditation, satsaung, Baba’s Stories, classes and wonderful vegetarian meals. The Seminar organizer is Acarya Iishvarakrsnananda Avadhuta and the Seminar trainer is Acarya Shankarananda Avadhuta. Both are very senior monks of Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha – a charitable institution dedicated to the welfare and upliftment of all.

Plexi Mandalas

The classes are going to dwell over three stimulating topics:

1. Lord Buddha cardinal principles.

2. Microvita and their influence on micropsychic and macropsychic corporal structure.

3. Nuclear Revolution.

Nuclear Revolution

New York Sectorial Jagrti is able to provide accommodation overnight for those who are coming from distant places and wish to join fully in the lively spiritual atmosphere of the Seminar. Please make sure to announce your participation by writing to dadaik2008 at

30 minutes audio recording of dada talk: