Ananda Marga Yoga and Meditation reaches several Women’s Centers in Canada


“Welcome to St. Joe’s Women’s Centre.. Mission Statement:

A Day Program, that is dedicated to the needs of women, in a supportive and safe environment. Social and educational programs are offered to promote empowerment, autonomy, and dignity in a non-judgmental atmosphere.”

Didi Ananda Rupadhara has been teaching yoga and meditation classes in several community institutions of Ottawa, Canada. Last the year St. Joe’s Women’s Center gave her a certificate of appreciation for her selfless servie. This year the Well Women Center have been crediting her work in similar fashion. At the Elizabeth High Society Community Center Didi has been adding classes on the benefit of Vegetarian Food and during the Volunteer’s Week she received another appreciation for her dedication. The results of all this ground work start to come in this year 2012: Some of her students have become vegetarians and are now helping her in the classes. Nalda (Nikko) is accompanying Didi by giving the yoga classes and more Senior Women Home have been visited in Toronto. The voice is spreading and the culture of yoga and meditation is becoming more and more a women’s right for their health and wellness all over Canada.

Didi can be contacted byy email at ruphadhara9 at or by phone at 613-869-4133 – Good Work Didi!