Ananda Nagar Milk Distribution


A wonderful program of milk distribution took place today on 18th November 2012 in AMURT Bhavan complex after long survey done by our volunteers of villages near Anandanagar and in first phage 120 poor children were identified that whose mother can not feed their milk to their children. So AMURT decided to provide them medicated milk (Lectozone one) for children from 1 month to 6 months and (Lectozone 2) above from 7 months to one year. All the mothers were given multi vitamin syrup along with packet of bitten rice and molasses for break fast. Dr. A. B. Chaterjee local eminent doctor and social worker and others were present during distribution.

The whole program started after one and half hour kirtan , Dharma Chakra, Gurupuja and swadhyaya. All the mothers also sang Baba Nam Kevalam with Parama pita Baba ki Jay in the end of the program. More over this program was well appreciated by all present.