Ananda Purnima Dharma Maha Sammelan May 2012


The Ananda Purmima Dharma Mahasammelan on the auspicious occasion of Beloved Baba’s Birthday – celebrated at Anandanagar on 25,26,27th May 2012 at Anandanagar.

Dharma Mahasmmelan is a very special event in life of Dadas, Didis and margii brothers and Sisters. To be in Ananda Nagar and attending DMS is a direct grace of Beloved Baba. Knowing summer heat and preparing mind to come for DMS happen only because of love for Baba and His mission. There was good gathering of sadhakas from all over India, Nepal and abroad. There was scorching sun, no rainfall still with Baba’s grace it had no effect on devotees. All programs were successful and with full attendance and active participation.

In this DMS, all over the Globe, there is representation of wt’s dadas and didis from all 9 sectors. All overseas sector and Delhi sector reports of six monthly target achieved and new targets taken for next six months. So, there is personal, organizational, social as well as moral and spiritual development opportunities in DMS.

On the First day of DMS, in the morning hours, there was Holy address of Rev. Purodha Pramukha Dadaji.The topic Rev Purodha Pramukha Dadaji spoke was Guru raeva sarvesyam . That means Guru is everything.

In evening PP dadas holy address the topic was Jadrs’ii bha’vana’ tasya Sidhi Bhavati ta’drs’i. As you think so you become.

On Second day Morning holy address the topic was “Bhakti ekah patha” Devotion is only path.

In evening PP dadas topic of RU speech was “The evolution of Human mind in the process of pratisaincara”.

AMURT and AMURTEL in Ananda Nagar has distributed five hundred (500) sariis and two hundred (200) dotiis amongst the poorest civil families in Ananda Nagar in AMURT Bhavan Complex in 27th May 2012 on the auspicious occasion of Ananda Purnima Dharma Maha Sammelan Ananda Nagar.

The program was opened by cutting the red tape by the younger brother of our beloved Baba, Mr. Himanshu Ranjan Sarkar and candles were lit by the son, grandson of the king of Garha Joypur who gifted the entire land of Ananda Nagar. The entire family of the king was present. Besides that, the general secretary of Ananda Marga Pracarka Samgha, all Sectorial secretaries, Dadas and Didis, were participated in distribution of the sariis and dotiis. Some overseas Margiis and Dadas and Didis also took part in distribution of clothes.

On third day Morning speech was “Vaeragya aeva Abhayam “ in Vaeragya (nonattachment) there is no fear.

In evening PP dada’s talk was “what to ask to parampurush”?

Rev Purodha Pramukha Dada, Ac Vishvadevananda avt blessed the revolutionary marriage couples. Later the Prize distribution for Kaoshikii, Tandava, and other competition of work done in sectors. Hong kong Sector, Nairobi sector, Qahira sector, NY sector gets the prise.

Dharma Mahasammelan concluded with Baba’s film and blessings from Baba.
In Him

A’carya Acintananda Avadhu’ta

Public Relations Secretary (Central)

A’nanda Ma’rga Praca’raka Sam’gha

Camp- Ranchi 834005