Atlanta Region Retreat concluded on September 7 2015


IMG_20150906_101708Three full days of Inner and Outer Transformation just concluded at Ananda Girisuta near Asheville, North Carolina. The Ananda Marga Regional Retreat for Atlanta Region has been an intense and productive time for all the participants engaged in the workshops and activities geared on the themes of Tantra, PROUT and Neohumanism.

IMG_20150906_101845All the workshops were very well presented and engaged the participants in active discussion. Tantra was presented in its core ideas that reflect the ideology of Ananda Marga. All the presenter where demonstrating to be able to convey the topics with profound insights and direct knowledge.

PROUT as a theory was introduced through its 5 fundamental principles and followed up by a presentation of all the PROUT projects around the world. It was a way to recognize the impact of the socio-economic theory propounded by Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar in 1959.

IMG_20150906_180850More than fifteen margi of Atlanta Region demonstrated the interest and keen desire to see PROUT in Action on the Ananda Girisuta Master Unit which resulted in a immediate decision to follow at the closest available time with a meeting in which participants wishes to coordinate and cooperate for the further development of the different projects happening at the Regional Master Unit.

IMG_20150906_170502Almost as a natural consequence and continuation everybody participated in the Karma Yoga which provided further opportunity to bond together as a universal family in the spirit of the Neohumanist values.

The final workshops were on the topic of diversity in the light of neohumanism. The discussions that took place and the general uproar of benevolent enthusiasm and laughter were the most dignified conclusion for three days of communion and spiritual transformation.  All the participants voted unanimously to have the next fall retreat for Atlanta Region at the same time in the same place – Ananda Girisuta Master Unit near Asheville, North Carolina.