Fastings Dates 2016


Fasting Dates are important as the best time for devoting all energies to spiritual pursuit. Of course fasting carries many health benefits but fasting without water as it is indicated in Ananda Marga may require a further motivation and possibly supervision by a competent spiritual teacher  (Acarya).

Ananda Marga Fasting Chart 2016. The following table is set to United States Eastern Time (GMT -5). If you have any questions regarding calculations to other time zones, please contact NY Sectorial Office. 


Fasting Chart – Year 2016 – United States Eastern Time (-5 GMT)

Fasting Date Moon Position
Jan 05 (Tue) Ekadashi (Eleventh lunar day fasting)
Jan 09 (Sat) Amavasya (New Moon Fasting)
Jan 19 (Tue) Ekadashi
Jan 23 (Sat) Purnima (Full Moon Fasting)
Feb 03 (Wed) Ekadashi
Feb 07 (Sun) Amavasya
Feb 17 (Wed) Ekadashi
Feb 21 (Sun) Purnima
Mar 04 (Fri) Ekadashi
Mar 08 (Tue) Amavasya
Mar 18 (Fri) Ekadashi
Mar 22 (Tue) Purnima
Apr 03 (Sun) Ekadashi
Apr 06 (Wed) Amavasya
Apr 16 (Sat) Ekadashi
Apr 21 (Thu) Purnima
May 02 (Mon) Ekadashi
May 05 (Thu) Amavasya
May 16 (Mon) Ekadashi
May 20 (Fri) Purnima
May 31 (Tue) Ekadashi
Jun 04 (Sat) Amavasya
Jun 15 (Wed) Ekadashi
Jun 19 (Sun) Purnima
Jun 30 (Thu) Ekadashi
Jul 03 (Sun) Amavasya
Jul 14 (Thu) Ekadashi
Jul 19 (Tue) Purnima
Jul 29 (Fri) Ekadashi
Aug 01 (Mon) Amavasya
Aug 13 (Sat) Ekadashi
Aug 17 (Wed) Purnima
Aug 27 (Sat) Ekadashi
Aug 31 (Wed) Amavasya
Sep 12 (Mon) Ekadashi
Sep 15 (Thu) Purnima
Sep 25 (Sun) Ekadashi
Sep 30 (Fri) Amavasya
Oct 11 (Tue) Ekadashi
Oct 15 (Sat) Purnima
Oct 25 (Tue) Ekadashi
Oct 29 (Sat) Amavasya
Nov 10 (Thu) Ekadashi
Nov 13 (Sun) Purnima
Nov 24 (Thu) Ekadashi
Nov 28 (Mon) Amavasya
Dec 09 (Fri) Ekadashi
Dec 13 (Tue) Purnima
Dec 23 (Fri) Ekadashi
Dec 28 (Wed) Amavasya