Dada Aks’ayananda story and healing


by Dada Vimaleshananda

Dada Aks’ayananda is an example of service for all. He has run the homeopathic dispensary in Tiljala for many many years and he is continuing till today inspite of a health that sometimes gives him alarming signs. I met him in Ranchi when he reached just for one day for the Central Committee election held few days ago. We were invited to a Shraddha Ceremony for margi Bipil of Ranchi. He talked in Hindi and just one sentence in English stroke my mind: “massive heart stroke”.

When we came back I talked to him remembering part of the stories he shared when I was in Kolkata. In one of them he told me that Baba asked him if he wanted any power. He replied no. Baba insisted a lot and he always replied: “Baba I want only You”. Fact is that before becoming a margi he was able reading others minds and he asked Baba to withdraw this power as he was not able to concentrate in meditation during which all thoughts of other people were coming to disturb him. Baba withdrawn from him such power but He left with him a special gift for the welfare of the margi. Whenever a margi was not taking second lesson he was immediately able to detect it.

This time in Ranchi he wanted to share other stories and he started while he was taking his lunch telling what he was sharing at the time of the Shraddha Ceremony just concluded. “The time of birth and the time of death are fixed, nobody can change them. Four days ago I had a massive heart stroke. Few years back I had terminal cancer. No desire to live anymore. Still Baba wanted to take work from me and I am still alive due to Him. Baba don’t take work from anybody. Once two business men came to see Baba at the time that there was no property of Ananda Marga. They offered to build a jagrti on a piece of donated land. Baba didn’t want to see them. He told that he was busy and He had no time for them. I and others dadas insisted with the result that Baba became furious and denied once again to see them as He didn’t want to take any service from them.”

After the meal we had moved in the room of one dada who has been sick for long time not able to walk without assistance. Dada Aksayananda taught him some back exercises and then continued with his story. Sometimes due to weakness he was briefly dozing. I cared not to interrupt him in any form as he was sharing his memories like it could be his last opportunity to do so.

“Few years back I had terminal cancer in stomach and liver. When they found it I didn’t want to tell to the other people. It was already a four stage cancer and I didn’t have desire to live and to undergo the expensive medical treatment. But it happened that one did went to the same hospital for her examination and they told her about my condition. So when she came back she told to others and they pleaded me to have treatment even if it was for a last chance. I refused but in the end as they insisted so much I accepted and I undergo chemiotherapy. I was recovered in the hospital and one dada requested me to tell all my Baba’s stories. I reacted – “How comes that you never bothered to ask before and now that I am almost gone and nobody believe that I can survive you come for it?” I refused and when he insisted I started abusing him telling to go out. I battled for half an hour until I was exausted. Finally I conceided and I started narrating my Baba’s stories.”

“Baba’s was coming to the airport in Kolkata in the year 1968. Nobody had prepared a placard to welcome Him. I was in another place and when I heard I prepared the placard and I ran for 10 miles arriving late to the airport. But the flight was also late due to fog and so I arrived before Baba’s landing. When Baba came out he called me. I could barely walk due to the pain in the legs. Baba told – “Due to you I had to delay the flight”. I was crying. Baba took the stick and He passed it on my sore legs. I felt like the pain was coming out of my body and it was no more. When I was telling this story to this dada in the hospital I had the same sensation. Baba was taking away the cancer from my body. I felt fine. I stepped out of the bed and I started walking. Everybody looked bewildered. Then I called the doctor and I requested to examine if the cancer was still there. They did the scan with ultrasound and they could not find anything. They thought that the machine was broken so they brought another one and still there was nothing. Then they did MRI and they continued to pass me up and down until I was feeling so cold that I asked them to stop. Later on I completed the chemotherapy and the doctor when he was seeing me he used to make fun with the nurses by telling – “Here comes our ghost”

As dada was telling the story to me he briefly wept. I felt like Baba was curing him once again. It was not possible for a person having had a heart stroke four days before to come from Tiljala to Ranchi by train and then go back in one day. He told me that he had to go back immediately in order to attend his patients. Lately he has been taking care of them during the day and preparing the medicines during the night. He hardly sleeps more then two hours per night. Then from outside the room Dada Rakeshananda called him telling that PP Dada wanted to see him. I accompanied Dada Aksyananda and when we got access in PP Dada quarter Dada insisted for me to stay as we had both to live in the evening. I greeted briefly PP Dada and I left him giving full attention to Dada Aksayananda. I didn’t see him again and I trust he is back in Tiljala where Baba is still accepting his service. In his life he may have attended to 300.000 patients asking only few rupies for the cost of the medicines and never taking anything for himself.