Denver bridges to the World


Dada Dharmapremananda has just returned from India where he was engaged in several development activities in different projects. As traveling towards Denver, he had a chance to conduct two meditation classes in New Jersey and Boston area. Both were well attended and 2 people got initiated out of it.

Another meditation class was given to an audience of 8 people in Kansas City which resulted in one initiation.
Once in Denver he dedicated his expertize for building up the activities in cooperation with the margi of the Unit. The result were soon apparent. Denver unit is thriving: there were 15 people for Dharma Cakra that is happening every Sunday. The plans for revitalize the unit and bringing a new flow were drawn and quickly executed.

The Food Distribution program has started in Denver now with the first one to happen on 23rd of December. Also the basement of the Jagrti has been turned into a food bank. Currently we collect non-perishable food items from different agencies and store it. This program is an upgrade of the Food Pantry that used to be run from the Jagrti itself. It was very successful in the past and the new program is guaranteed to receive equal attention and likelihood.
Here is how Dada reports about the Food Distribution program just concluded:

Last sunday we got all margiis of Denver gathered and did our first mass-feeding of the year for homeless on the streets of Denver. We find most of these people hanging around by the Rescue Mission Shelter. We chose this spot to distribute about 85 mexican-bean-burritos and 2 big potful of hot soup along with fresh mineral water. We served about 70-80 people. This took a dedicated effort from a few of us for about 4 hours in the Jagrti Kitchen and then load up the van.

In order to bridge to the young generation Dada began giving meditation classes to undergraduate students at Metropolitan State University in Denver. The first one is scheduled to happen on January 8th.
Sister Kusum in Denver is inspired to start a regular sentient cooking class which starts from Jan 6th.
5 regular weekly yoga classes continue to be given by margiis of Denver at various places in the city.
Dada was able to raise funds from sympathizers to support Anandapur, Trivandrum and Sultanganj projects in India which amounted to about $17,000/-. These projects are mainly educational projects where students receive Primary and Secundary education according to the Neo-Humanist curriculum of Ananda Marga system of education. Most of the images refer to these ongoing projects.