DMS in Jamalpur – March 2012


Namaskar Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Jamalpur, district Munger is Baba’s(Shrii Shrii Anandamurti Jii) birth place. Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha conducts DMS every year in March.

Since last time DMS took place in Jamalpur Sport Railway(JSR) Stadium, this time there was wonderful atmosphere and proper facilities and arrangements for margiis to stay and it was held on 24 and 25 March.

On this occasion, Rev Purodha Pramukha Ac Vishvadevananda Avt gave inspiring topic of discourse like Stories of Shrii Guru’s Lotus feet, Jamalpur Heritage, Intuitional Practice and its perfection.

As per the demand of the present society, Ananda Marga Pracarka Samgha is planning very systematically to transmit the Ideological ideas to every nook and corner of the world organizing DMS in most places of the world.

Around 7 to 8 thousand margiis participated in the DMS on the first day of 24 March, 2012. Baba’s divine grace and deep love still vibrates in the place of Jamalpur in a very subtle way, where devoted margiis from all over the world with vigour and with more sprightliness are crowding in thousands to feel those remembrance of Beloved Baba’s Birth Place to know the where about of how Baba started His Ideology from His Birth place in more spiritual sense.

So, I would like to take this opportunity to apprise you that morning almost the pandal was flooded with margii devotees from different parts of the world, who attended realized & experienced the Bliss showering upon them.

In his topic of discussion, during DMS program, Rev PP Dadaji shared many information regarding Baba’s mysterious incidents that took place highlighting the Jamalpur days, how Baba started propagating His Mission Globally and also how to build the mission keeping the view to carry the ideals of Ananda Marga Ideology for the future generation. Rev PP Dadaji justified the invaluable contribution of Baba during his topics of discussion.

There was a colorful rally on 24th March covering important places of Jamalpur.

In the evening of 24 March also, there was RU meeting held in main town hall, where the subject of discourse was “Economic Democracy based on Spirituality”.

Dr. Mukush Kumar Civil Surgeon was the Chief Guest of this function.

Ac Priyatoshananda Avt has a main speaker concluded that for the smooth running of the society, leader ship must be based on moral values known as “Sadvipras”.

These Sadvipras will control economic power to decentralize & to fulfill the minimum requirements of life and enhance purchasing capacity, and political power in the hands of spiritual moralists.

Other speakers shared unparalleled contribution of Shrii P.R.Sarkar alias Shrii Shrii Anandamurti Jii in all walks of life, they emphasized that this is the only remedy for the present socio-economico-political problems and also to spiritualize the society teaching these Maharajadhiraj Meditation based on Bio-psychology.

During this occasion of DMS, there was organizational meeting for BP’s, UBP’s and other related duty bearers. During this occasion, all our Central Departmental Heads gave the inspiring as well as latest information about the functioning of the Marga, which is marching ahead to achieve the Goal of Mission – Átmamokśárthaḿ Jagat Hitáya ca.

The main attraction of the program started with Akhanda Kiirtan around 10 am of March 24th. 30 hours of Akhanda kiirtan – Baba Nam kevalam spiritualized the whole DMS program day and night awakening their spiritual insight and during the concluding part of the Akhanda kiirtan, SG of SDM department Ac Nirmohananda Avt gave a detailed description & importance of Kiirtan to all Hari Pari Mandal devotees and colorful RAWA programs which was held on 24 and 25 evening was organized with the help of local RAWA team and the artists who performed were the Margii children, students of Children home and schools of Ananda Marga of neighboring Jamalpur Bhukti’s.

Our well known artist Mr. Mrnal Pathak accompanied with his favorite RAWA team members came all over from Ranchi and contributed a dramatic novel thoughts of Baba’s ideas presenting dance, drama and also did the anchoring of the stage and delighted the gathering with his fabulous talent.

More than 10 to 12, Baby naming ceremonies were conducted in the premises of the Pandal, during this two days.

7 RM’s were conducted within these two months and all couples were blessed in this occasion as per the information from our correspondent of Society building department.

Youth and Students took the commitment to promote the activity of the Marga whole heartedly during the meetings organized.

Press and media gave a wide coverage of the whole DMS including live telecast to few sectors.

At noon time on March 24th, Rev Purodha Pramukha Ac Vishvadevananda Avadhuta arrived at DMS venue and delivered his morning topic. Rev Dadaji said that, on this occasion of Jamalpur Dharma Maha Sammelan(DMS), we all have assembled by HIS Grace, and I do my heartfelt namaskar to one and all.

Whenever we come over here to Jamalpur, all of us will come to know the importance of Guru in one’s life, and we also know that who grants unconditional wishes to his devotees with His anugraha shakti(bestows merciful grace) and his topic of discussion was “Shrii Guru carana kamala kathanam”, (Stories of Shrii Guru’s lotus feet).

Starting with the Ananda Sutram quote – Brahma eva Gururekah naparah, Rev Dadaji said that Sadguru himself is Shrii Bhagavan.

In other words, Shrii Bhagavan himself is Shrii Shrii Sadguru.

When He takes advent of the physical framework suitable for Him to express completely His anugraha shakti(bestows merciful grace), the scriptures have expressed many things about that.

The physical framework seems to be very ordinary but it is extra ordinary as well as perfectly beyond absolute.

So whenever there is any unconditional grace showering by Sadguru, then each and every molecule will be vibrated and it remains for thousands of years in potential form.

Then Rev Dadaji narrated one incident about a margii devotee when walking in field walk with Baba, he was telling that margiis have purchased a land far from the main town, but Baba asked what was the reason, then that margii said that once when he was doing sadhana in that remote land, he felt such a soothing vibration that he was completely intoxicated from that place.

Then Baba asked the margii you know what was the reason?

What could that margii say?

Then Baba said, once during the time before the Mahabharata war started, Shrii Krsna and Arjuna were traveling in Angdesha’s capital Nathnagar to meet Karna. On the way, the place where you realized the special vibration, Shrii Krsna as well as Arjuna had to stay over a night and you may see there is stone slab, where both had passed the night, so for this reason that Shrii Krsna who had stayed for a night has created a vibration which is still vibrating till now which you have felt in that place.

So Baba was saying that even if Taraka Brahma stays for few hours, then the sadhakas by just few minutes of concentrated kiirtan, they can receive those vibrations for their spiritual emancipation as well as with dhyana and more kiirtan they can also feel the presence of Taraka Brahma, where He has spent only for few minutes even.

The ways of spirituality is so subtle to understand, Rev PP Dadaji said.

In Him
A’carya Acintananda Avadhu’ta
Public Relations Secretary (Central)
A’nanda Ma’rga Praca’raka Sam’gha
Camp- Ranchi 834005