DMS @ Malur, Karnataka, India – September 2014


Date 13-14 September 2014, Venue: Ananda Marga Polytechnic, Malur, Karnataka

Some photos of the grand reception given to PP Dadaji on his arrival at Malur for DMS on 13-14 September, Dadas having breakfast in Swami Nirmlanand Ashram, Celebrated teachers day in Ananda Marga college in Malur Kolar.

Good news of DMS Malur

Dear brothers and sisters

Namaskar ,

Hope you all are enjoying Baba,s blessing in every walk of life. We completed two days dharma Maha Sammelan at Malur, Kolar and it was a grand success with a huge gathering of more than 5000 Margi brothers and sisters. The DMS was organised by the Chairman of Ananda Marga polytechnic, Acharya Dharmaprananand Avadhuta and the Margi of Karnataka .with the coordinated effort of team members Acharya Purnadevananda Avadhut ,Acharya Vishvasvarupananda Avadhuta, Acharya Raganugananda Avadhuta, Acharya subhadrananda Avadhuta, Acharya Sarvagananda Avadhuta,Acharya Krishna sundarananda Avadhuta, Ac.Satyasharayananda Avadhuta , Acharya sadashivananda Avadhuta and many others we have made the DMS a grand success.

The President and the Purodhapramukha of Ananda Marga Pracharaka Samgha Acharya Vishvadevananda Avadhuta reached at Yashvant pur Railway station with his central committee members on 11th of September and he was given VVIP guest of honour by the railway protection force of yashvanta pure and then ASD volunteers gave guard of honour. After the reception at railway station Revered Purodha Pramukha was escorted by the Karnataka police force and the ASD volunteers to Ananda Marga polytechnic.

During the first day of DMS we launched a procession and to the end of procession there was a RU meeting where many renown personalities participated in the program. The topic of RU meeting was “the role of Ananda Marga in the transformation of society”. Mr Lakshminarayan most renown personality of Malur was the chief guest and Acharya Vimalananda Avadhuta was the chief speaker of the meeting. The shobhayatra was to develop social consciousness among the general mass of karnataka against the deforestation and plantation of eucalyptus.

Half dozens of Revolutionary marriage and Baby naming ceremony took place during DMS.

Revered Purodha Pramukha dada jii inspected the college and shared his valuable knowledge with students too.

The local people of Malur appreciated the programme and the entire city of Malur was spiritually vibrated.

Hundreds of new people joined Ananda Marga during the DMS. All the priting media and electronic media of Kolar District gave a huge coverage.after the DMS our most revered Purodha pramukha went to Ananda Suvarna Master unit Kitandur,Kolar where margiis and local sympathizers gave a huge warm welcome .

All Margiis of different part of India were very inspired by the speeches of Revered Purodha Pramukha.

After all our Purodha Pramukha dada was given a warm farewell by the Margiis of Karnataka and guard of honour by the ASD AND SD volunteers.

Acharya Vishvasvarupananda Avadhuta

Public Relation Secretary Delhi Sector