Education for liberation


“Now, education means assimilation, conversion or transmutation of external physicalities. Knowledge regarding this collection has been transformed into your mental realm. This transformation of the external objectivity into internal subjectivity is education. So education is the transformation of external objectivity into internal subjectivity.” Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar

In Ananda Madhukunj on the hills near Bologna, Italy it has been created a rural development project by the effort of one margi family. With a continuous effort that has already completed 7 years they have restructured two houses in stones creating a space that have been used for small retreats and recreation.

The videos have been taken during a day in which the margi of Bologna have joined for a pizza party. Collective meditation and Baba Nam Kevalam kiirtan helped to blend spirituality with nature and pure outdoor enjoyment. Even one day of break from the urban routine helps to restore joy and unity. More images and videos are available on the webpage

Below the live kiirtan in the Ananda Marga Unit of Bologna – Italy