Exploration of Firm Determination by Sister Nirainjana


A quote by Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji that resonates deeply within me is the following: “Knowingly or unknowingly, every human being is born with a thirst for limitlessness.” He also said our spiritual path is the never ending effort to find the link between the finite and the infinite. In this world with so many glitters, glamor and attractions, our primary duty is to make a constant effort to find this link in our daily sadhana and service. Shrii Shrii Anandamurti asks us to continue to find this link even when we are experiencing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual clash. He asks us to surrender our little “I” feeling to the Great and to offer up the fruits of our sadhana and service to the Cosmos, to do our duty as perfectly as possible while surrendering the end results of our work, no matter how much effort, time and resources we have put into our project. Everything in the mainstream culture around us sends constant messaging contrary to this Ananda Marga value, but part and parcel of our firm determination is to maintain our equilibrium in all spheres of life and to continually help build up a spiritual culture with others that is creating a powerful vibration as we enter 2013.

November 4th, 1990 was Samkalpa Diivas or Day of Solemn Vow that I remember clearly. Thousands of Margiis around the world took the following vow:

“All my energy, all my mind, all my thoughts, all my deeds, are to be goaded unto the path of collective elevation of human society, without neglecting other living beings and inanimate objects right from this moment until the last point of my being on this Earth.”

Brothers and Sisters: let us take firm determination in 2013 to live up to this vow in all the ways that we are able to, to encourage each other and lift each other up to be as ideal daughters and sons of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji as possible, to make Him proud and to make our Ananda Marga family stronger, healthier and more vibrant as we head to a most beautiful Satya Yuga on this planet that all have been yearning for. All my good wishes and salutations. Nirainjana