First day of DMS highlights and other related programs !


Namaskar !

Today is the first day of DMS after three days of Sect Summer conference. While 51hr long kiirtan is in full swing, there was the first discourse of Rev PP dada.

Rev. Purodha Pramukha Dadaji, Ac. Vishvadevananda Avt conducted Dharma Maha sammelan in our own Master Unit, Ananda Putta Bhumi, Poland on 1st August.

The topic of Discourse of today’s morning pravacan was “BABA the best symbolization of Supreme Consciousness, Parama Purusa”.

When our sensory organs come in contact with the waves, vibrations of this phenomenal world, we perceive them.

And to get them assimilated, subjectivise in the mental sphere, thereafter we see to give expression to them.

In other words when the idea is imbibed in the sensory organs, after it gets crystalized it finds expression through our motor organs.

Only in a very small fraction comes within the scope of perception. Because our sensory organs, have a very little value of power of perception.

Baba says, in this phenomenal universe, whatever the power are, whatever the power gets expressed human beings can perceive not even 1% of them, and even less than that, or rather we say that very much less than that can be expressed by our organs.

While seeking to give expression, we take the help of, or rather we have to take the help of symbolization.

Without symbolization, the expression is not possible, whereas there is no expression, it means symbolization is not possible.

Whereas there is no expression, it means symbolization is not possible, when sym we say it is inexplicable it is incomprehensivable it is not understandable.

In the expressed universe whatever happens is within the scope of, within the limit of the relativity that is time, space and person. Now even that which is the within the scope of within the bound of, even a small fraction of that we are able to express & symbolize. So how can we symbolize that entity which is absolute, which is infinite and boundless?

It is just quite out of question. Parama Purusa cannot be explained in any way.

It is not possible and one becomes dumb and the speech becomes impossible.

About Parama Purusa, Supreme Consciousness,  it has been said in scriptures:

Karmádhyakśa sarvabhútádhivásah sákśii cetá kevalo nirguńashca

In this way, Rev PP Dadaji explains this discourse in detail with highlighting BABA’s stories and related points from various points by giving references.

After that there was another organizational and legal briefing meeting with senior and duty bearing margiis, which was addressed by Ac Rudrananda Ji.

In the afternoon there was a presentation about Ananda Marga activities Region wise.

The Photo clipping is attached for all the above programs and some more since the arrival of our Rev PP Dadaji and Respected Ac Rudrananda Avadhuta Dadaji.

Truly in HIS Sublime Guidance,

Ac Gatimayananda Avadhuta

Acting DPS, Berlin Sector

Namaskar Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It was evening DMS pravacan on 1st August and Rev PP Dadaji started with this discourse and it is mentioned in brief.

Our subject is the same; BABA is the best symbolization of Parama Purusa, Supreme Consciousness. Even though the supreme entity is beyond the scope of symbolization, yet spiritual aspirants, Sadhakas they continue to make efforts. What do they do, they dedicate a name to that entity.

In English it is not name is called Nam, its nomenclature, and the entity who is named, is called as Namii.

In the spiritual parlance, the Nam denotes to the holy of the lord and the Namii is the lord himself. Who is called out by the spiritual name.

Now we know that one cannot name oneself, somebody else does the naming. So there is need of a nomenclature, so there is need of a namer.

Who can be this namer, namer?

To give the name to the Lord.

You know when there was no devotee, there were no spiritual aspirants, the Sadhakas. The Lord was nameless, He had no name.
When devotees came into existence, they named the Lord and the God became a Named-God.

So it is the Sadhakas the devotees who names, so we get three entities the sadhaka, the namer , the Nam and the Namii.

Thus the spiritual aspirants, symbolizes the Namii, the Lord to express Him by giving a name, & thereby connecting themselves, with Namii through the incantation or holy chant of the Nam.

Here a pertinent question arises?

Namii is more powerful or name is more powerful, in this connection, BABA says, that the Nam suffers from limitation of language, vocalization.

Secondly, the sadhaka who connects himself, the namii in the incantation of Nam, also suffers from limitation,

The sadhaka repeats the nam, with the help of mind, and the mind itself suffers through the limitation of various bondages, so the sadhakas mind cannot give expression, to that infinite, unlimited entity through the medium of vocalized expression.

Here BABA says, although the nam cannot represent the Namii intoto because the Namii is much more powerful, than Nam.

Yet effort should be made, in this direction, what is the harm in it, so the next question come s then, what name should be given to the Lord?

There is one PS and it narrates with what name Oh! Lord should I address you, so as to invoke you in service, what name should I take, so as to worship you, invoke in your service, & what name should I taken, I what name we should I call u.

In the morning of August 2nd, Rev PP Dadaji spoke the following discourse and it is in short notes below.

In this devotional song, the presence of Lord has been told, where do you reside, in the flow of tears, when devotees weep for PP, for their Beloved father PP, there tears comes out not from here neither middle but comes out like this, through the cheeks and comes out and drops down in the palms, this tears are known as Ananda asru, asru means tears, Ananda means “bliss”, Blissful tears.

So this tears differentiate the devotees, from others and when tears rolls down from the middle of the eye, straight way they are called shoka asru, grief, tears of grief. Somebody is very tension, somebody in grief, agony. So BABA says, in this song that you are in blissful tears.

In India, there was one poet Saint Kabir and quite illiterate, don’t know reading, writing but has given many valuable guidance for the society to understand about the nature of how to know Lord and so today’s pravacan, the discourse and the subject of the discourse is, “The Lord and his ornaments”.

In the afternoon, there were regional meetings in different venue of MU and 2 baby naming ceremonies held.

Before Rev PP Dadaji came over to the DMS venue, the long 51 hours Akhanda kiirtan came to an end and after collective Sadhana was .

Rev PP Dadaji was given guard of honor and Dadaji garlanded the Pratikriti and Acting DPS garlanded him.

Rev Dadaji distributed prizes for the most satisfactory performance & pracar activities, the evening DMS pravacan was about “Ideal Life”. Thereby after the pravacan, Beloved Baba’s short discourse was displayed and longest Varabhaya mudra blessings was showered on all the devotees of Berlin sector after collective Guru Puja. Avarta kiirtan was played to carry the blissful vibrations throughout the entire universe.

In the late evening there was closing ceremony, which was presided by Respected Ac Rudrananda Avadhuta to give concluding words of inspiration to carry the onward movement of Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha, Berlin sector. Dadaji gave his consent to all to develop the organizational consciousness and take effective programs and enhance concrete activities of Marga and requested ideological margiis children to give a serious thought to go for whole timer training. But last not the least inspiration was to remain attached to structural solidarity.

Later Sectorial Rector, SWWS and SS of Berlin sector gave their heartfelt good wishes to one and all for making this summer conference and DMS a grand success from 29, 30 and 31st July for summer conference and 1st & 2nd August for the DMS.

truly in HIS Holy Feet,

Ac Gatimayananda Avt