Good News from New York Sector – July 15 2013


1. Atlanta Region: Dada Shubhacetananda was visiting Wilmington, NC where he initiated one brother and had two meetings with 8 people attending. SS Dada Vimalananda had a seminar program in Asheville Master Unit with 15 margiis attending.
2. Boston Region: Akhanda Kiirtan is organized every month in New York jagrti by the initiative of Dada Iishvarakrsnananda. This month 10 margiis attended and Dada Diiptimananda was introduced as the new Regional Secretary for Boston Region.
Dada Dharmapremananda had two lectures in Manhattan together with Dada Iishvarakrsnananda where one brother was initiated. Dada Shubhacetananada visited Boston and participated in Dharma Cakra.
3. Chicago Region: Dada Dharmapremananda and Dada Anudhyanananda toured Columbus, Ohio and Chicago . Dharma Cakra was held in Laksman’s house.
4. Dallas Region: There are four yoga classes regular at the universities in Dallas and one at an addition recovery center. Dada Shubhacetanananda and Dada Advayananda set up a boot at a local fair distributing leaflets at Richland College and University of Texas at Arlington.
At the University of Texas in Dallas there was a class of yoga and meditation for the local chapter of the Girls Scout attended by 40 people including their supervisors.
Dada Advayananda visited five times Granbury,TX, the location near Dallas hit by a tornado. Dada was representing AMURT and acted in coordination with the local authorities and other service organizations. Reports are available at
The service project “Walk to Help” has entered its third year. The event is organized by margi and acaryas to support the construction of a charitable hospital in Benares, India.
Didi Ananda Sutiirtha in San Antonio Master Unit has been giving two initiations and leading a yoga class near the main town.
There was a Baby Naming Ceremony in Houston, TX with Dada Shubhacetanananda and Dada Jiivapremananda touring the area. Jaisna was the name given to the daughter of Mayank Lal and Smita.
5. Denver Region: Dada Dharmapremananda met the local senator in Denver. He was also the winner for the speech competition at the university prevailing among hundreds of participants. The jagrti hosts a food pantry. Margiis are engaged in a monthly food distribution for the homeless people downtown Denver. In the back of the jagrti a vegetable garden is well tended providing food for the guests and a good example for the community. There are 10 yoga classes given by margiis in different locations. Brother Krsna has bought 10 acres of land with the intention to donate it to Ananda Marga for a master unit.
6. Los Angeles Region: Dada Muktatmananda is managing the food distribution project that is becoming increasingly relevant in Los Angeles. There have been 90.000 people benefitting from the project since the beginning of the year. Distribution is done three times a week with an attendance of 200 people in the downtown location. In the jagrti the people start to line up at 4 am in order to receive a box of food from our volunteers. A new van has been purchased and the jagrti has been renovated with several trees planted in the garden. Pracar was boosted with 50.000 leaflets distributed about meditation. Dharma Cakra is now attended regularly by 6 margi. white-fire-picAnanda Dham Master Unit was badly affected by wildfires hitting the region. after700 peach trees where lost but no building or people where touched. The replacement of the trees is calculated to cost $8.400. Los Altos Jagrti is under renovation with the construction of a new septic tank. Didi Ananda Hitaesana was visiting Ananda Dhiira Master Unit in Grass Valley where one neighbor is taking care of the maintenance.
7. Minneapolis Region: Dada Jiivapremananda is giving yoga classes in four locations near Ananda Kanan. The Summer Spiritual Conference at Ananda Kanan was attended by 15 acaryas and 30 Margiis. Every day there were nice classes and workshops, spiritual programs and delicious meals. Weather was pleasant, nature lush green and all flowers in bloom. Brother Sudhiira has recently constructed a new patio outside the dining hall with seats, flowerbeds, and a fireplace. The katha kiirtana had a warm intimate feeling at the patio with nice stories by the evening bonfire. Everyone left inspired and preparations are in hand for the coming Winter Retreat around New Year.
8. Mexico City Region: Didi Kusum and Dada Vimaleshananda toured the Yukatan Peninsula giving several initiations and establishing contacts in new places. Didi Kusum is sending few images:
1Class at Centro Marsa of Villahermosa: sisters Is’t’ara and Luzy organized a 3 days classes in Villahermosa. A total of 12 people partecipated.
Social Service at “Refugio para las mujeres abusadas”. We did a morning of social service to a family living at a Women Shelter: this family has been sexually abused, beaten, threaten and more from the husband of the mother. Now he is in prison, and the whole family is trying to re-start a normal life. While the legal process was going on, they found shelter in this center. We did some asanas together, sing a lot of kiirtan and “I love this tiny green island” in a Spanish version and did a guided meditation. They were really grateful for our visit.
Paincajanya on the sea side with 4 margii sisters in Campeche.
la foto (2)
Collective Meditation at one of the Forte in Campeche. 10 people met at the sunset time to meditate together. Baba graced us with a double rainbow and a lovely weather. The view of the sea from there is absolutely fantastic.
med Blanca
Collective meditation at Bandhupriya’s house where 15 women participated in Campeche
foto noi
Ideological training for 3 weeks in Campeche: Sister Iishvarii and sister Is’t’ara participated to an intensive training. They learned about routine, asanas, meditation, kiirtan, prabhat saungiita, etc. We did a deeper study of Yama and Niyama, 16 points, philosophical subjects, they learned how to give asana classes, or how to conduct a Dharma Cakra. So from the end of the training, regular DC and Asana classes are held once a week in Campeche.
9. Monterrey Region: More than 20 yoga classes are given regularly by margi in Morelia . Margi are participating regularly to Dharma Cakra and are very active in the community.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA In Monterrey the Municipality has spent around 2000 USD to renovate the Jagrti. Four people worked for one week for completing the renovation. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Jagrti is located in an historical part of Monterrey called Barrio Antiguo.
[84739 AM] Felipe Parra foto del final, de este gran evento de servicio a la humanidad
Brother Phanindra organized an event in Monterrey during which around 100 wheel chairs and other ambulatory devices where distributed.
10. Ottawa Region: Ananda Kanak Master Unit is very well maintained by the effort of Dada Dayashiilananda and Dada Parinirvanananda . Several yoga classes are regularly conducted in Toronto and Ottawa areas.
11. Philadelphia Region: Dada Unmantrananda was in Washington DC where the Food for All project has entered its 18 year of continuous service. It benefit from 250 to 320 families. Due to grant restriction 2/3 of the funds had been lost and volunteers are now fund raising for the project.
In New Jersey Dada Shubhacetanananda visited brother Guru Gopal who was sick and was very happy to receive acarya visit. He had surgery and Dada promised to go back to check his health at a later time.
In Ananda Vrati Master Unit Dada Anudhyananda has started again the vegetable garden preparing the place for future events.
12. Panama Region: didishantaDidi Ananda Shanta has been posted in New York Sector. Originally from the Philippines, Didi has lived in Africa for 12 years.