Good News from the world: Sept & October 2015


New York Sector

Atlanta Region

Ananda Marga Autumn Regional Retreat took place in Ananda Girisuta from September 4 – 7, 2015 with 35 people attending it. The theme of the retreat was “Tantra and Neohumanism.” Classes were given by Margiis and Ac. Vishvamitra with good participation.  More than fifteen Margiis of Atlanta Region demonstrated the interest and keen desire to see PROUT in Action on the Ananda Girisuta Master Unit which resulted in a immediate decision to follow at the closest available time with a meeting in which participants wishes to coordinate and cooperate for the further development of the different projects happening at the Regional Master Unit.

Almost as a natural consequence and continuation everybody participated in the Karma Yoga which provided further opportunity to bond together as a universal family in the spirit of the Neohumanist values.


New unit has been registered at Houston, TX.


Unit was formed in Charlotte, NC.


Dada Anudhyanananda goes to Orlando and Titusville, FL. They have DC every Saturday.


Boston Region


We moved into the new Sectorial Office at 149 02 Melbourne Avenue, Flushing on July 8, 2015. The house and location is very good. Pracar has started at Queens College with two yoga and one meditation class every week.


Ananda Marga was invited to have information table and demonstrate yoga and meditation at Health First Program in Brownsville, Brooklyn on September 23.


The House Entry Ceremony for new Sectorial Office took place on October 4 followed by Akhanda Kiirtana. The event was just after SRDS and 8 Acaryas participated and Margiis came from Asheville, Washington DC, and Queens, NY.


Pracar started at Queens College with yoga classes and meditation course at the Queens Knights Fitness Center. Leafleting and meditation also done on campus. Yoga and meditation classes are also taking place at the Sectorial Office on regular basis.


Acarya Abhiramananda Avadhuta has arrived in the Sector and is adding his energy to the pracar effort in New York. He has also visited New Jersey and participated in pracar program there with Dada Shankarananda.

Acarya Paramasukha Brahmacarii (RS London) is staying at Sectorial Office while processing his visa to UK and has also rendered invaluable help with the pracar at Queens College and neighbourhood of Sectorial Office.



Dallas Region has regular DC. Recently Houston Unit was formed.


Kingston Region


Abhisuddhananda is now in Dominican Republic visiting the Ananda Marga School.


Los Angeles Region:


Peach Farm MU

All the farmers in that area have hired a lawyer in the compensation matter for the fire. There was sparking due to the electricity that caused the fire. If this goes well then all farmers will get some kind of compensation.


Mexico and Monterrey Regions:


Mexico Region Retreat was held from 27 – 29 September with around 35 participants at Monterrey jagrti. Dada Cirananda, Dada Vimaleshananda, Dada Ragatmananda and Didi Anudhyana participated and gave classes that were well appreciated by the Margiis. The baby naming ceremony of Tripti was a very special time, which saw the greatest participation from all margii and acaryas.


Dada Vimaleshananda gave a public conference at the auditorium of the central library in Monterrey. Two initiations took place after the conference. Dada also initiated a doctor who has an acupuncture clinic in front of Cuernavaca jagrti. Since then, Dada is taking treatment from this doctor and is now cured from glaucoma that he has been suffering from for the past one year.


In Cuernavaca regular DC is going on with up to 15 Margiis. Occasionally they do relief activities. 8-weeks class has started at Universidad del Estado de Morelos, (University of Morelos State.) The faculty has invited AM to give another program in next semester.

The Margiis are running children program with homework and yoga. The target is to start Ananda Marga Kindergarten. That would be a Margii owned and run project.

Every Saturday and Sunday the city has announced as Yoga Day. A friend of brother Yogendra is running this program at the City Hall of Cuernavaca. Two events have happened so far with participation of Ananda Marga.


Minneapolis Region


Ananda Kanan


The heart of Ananda Kanan resides in Baba’s Quarters. The senses of sound and taste may have found a new home in front of the dining hall in the Ananda Cafe. Renovations have been underway in this area for over two years, and in October an open house was held to celebrate the completion of the work. 50-60 people from all over the Ozarks region came to enjoy food prepared by the Ananda Kanan kitchen staff- Naomi Minahan and Yumi Jolliff, and listen to the soothing sounds of Butterfly tones by Coburn Tuller, a local musician who makes and plays his own instruments. 10 people joined Dada Krsnabuddhyanananda’s introductory meditation class and many more got a tour of Ananda Kanan. The Ananda Cafe includes the patio area, with a fountain, herb and flower gardens and room for up to 8 tables, and the dome- an internet cafe complete with Wi-Fi and tables and seating inside.


Progress Report of Ananda Kanan:

The following has happened at Ananda Kanan since May:

  • The summer retreat took place June 29-July 5 with 60 participants
  • Several people stayed for a few days or longer in the cabins, including sister Anjali from Mexico City
  • The Personal Transformation Intensive, a personal growth group from St. Louis area, rented Ananda Kanan for a total of 10 weekends.
  • Electric service to the white house was upgraded to bring it up to code
  • A wood floor was installed in Baba’s house.
  • A garden was grown which produced a good number of vegetables.
  • Meditation classes were taught at Ananda Kanan and in Mtn. View, MO
  • Concrete was poured to create a patio area in front of the dining hall and to complete the sidewalk and entrance to the dharma cakra hall.
  • Repairs were done and tables and chairs added to the dome to create an internet cafe.

An Open House was held October 3rd to celebrate the completion of the Ananda Cafe project.



Ottawa Region:


Greater Toronto, Acarya Parnirvanananda Avt.

Regular mass feeding has been conducted in down town Toronto – 200 People benefited.

During the Canadian Federal Elections campaigning, Ananda Marga got good reputations in Public.


On the occasion of 33rd Anniversary of Prabhata Samgiita a public event was organised by Ananda Marga Canada at Malton Community Center, Mississauga, Ontario, on Sunday September 13 from 4 – 8 p.m. The event featured song, dance and instrumental music (Samgiita) as well as introduction to Ananda Marga and was open to the public with attendance of over 70 people.


Ottawa and Ananda Kanak MU, Ac. Dayashiilananda Avt.

Ananda Marga Yoga and Meditation Clubs have been formed at Carleton University and University of Ottawa. Dada Dayashiilananda is continuing classes with active participation of students in classes and students are taking executive posts in the clubs. He had information table at University of Ottawa where 98 students signed up receiving weekly updates on class schedule and one information table at Carleton University where 30 signed up.


Dada Dayashiilananda is also taking care of Ananda Kanak Master Unit. This year harvest included carrots, pumpkins, peas, zucchini, tomatoes, corn, potato, cabbage and many more.


Panama Region


Guatemala: Margiis have taken determination to solve the problems of Ananda Maya Sectorial Master Unit. The land was not properly registered and a squatter has taken over control of a part of the land. A lawyer has been hired to work on this matter.


Dada Mokseshvarananda has sent a message that he is going to Nicaragua. He has reconnected to some extend with our Administration.



Departmental Good News


Public Relations

Good News from PRS, Dada Vimaleshananda: Mobile applications are becoming very popular. Ananda Marga Essential is the first Ananda Marga application (mobile app) available on Google Play for both iPhone and Android phones. A software professional has agreed to help with improving the functionality and appearance of the app.



Dada Unmantrananda


AMURT in Lebanon got a grant from the German Federal Government for Euro 2.2 million over three years for various education related projects supporting Syrian refugees Lebanese host communities.


These services fall in 4 sections:

  1. Access to Public Education
    1,000 children will be supported with school transportation
    300 will receive psycho-social support
    15 schools will receive equipment
  2. Non-formal education
    600 children aged between 5 an 12 with no access to education programmes attend at least 6 months of non-formal education during the project period in order either to secure or not lose access to the formal education system.
  3. Community Outreach2000 households are aware of their rights and of the available support services, have access to health and social services as well as employment opportunities and, consequently, their general social situation is stable.
  4. Ecology
    100 young people have acquired skills as peer educators in ecological issues and knowledge of gardening and landscaping, enabling them to remain actively involved in ecological initiatives in the region and to find paid work.At least 10,000 trees have been planted on land owned by local municipalities, which then look after the trees

AMURT Los Angeles Feeding Program

Ac. Muktatmananda Avt.

After the renovation of our AMURT store and new equipment, our serving capacity has been increased 10 fold, and our programs have now reached to the level of 1500 to 2000 people a month.

Also due to improved transportation we have been delivering a higher amount in poundage of groceries to people twice a week, and the homeless on the weekends.

VSS Good News:


We got the permission for construction and extension of the buildings at Ananda Vrati. The work will start in October 2015 and complete in spring 2016. Next summer we can organize programs there. The new house will have accommodation for 40 people. We can plan for spring/summer weekend camp at Ananda Vrati for students and young people.


New Jersey, 25 people have learned Kaosikii, tandava, bathing system from Dada Shankarananda and Dada Anudhyanananda.


  1. S. Kumar Sahani donated car to Dada Anudhyanananda and he has learned nicely to drive.




Nairobi Sector


A’c Diiptimayananda Avt. :    SS Nairobi Sector


There were three medical camps in a row


On 19th September, there was a free medical camp. 165 patients have been treated. They have been given free medicine and counseling.


On 26th Sept, there was another medical camp; where in 132 patients have been treated.


On 10th October 3rd medical camp was organised at Githurai Kimbo area, where 295 patients have been treated.


It has changed the reputation of Ananda Marga in Githurai-44 and Githurai-45 area. Local chief, Councilor, Public Health Officer, County health officer, Local county health workers, all were very much inspired and requested us to do more and more medical camps on every Saturday. They also said that you are filling the gap between government and the people.


It was really amazing.


Our next medical camp is on 14th November 2015. We have already invited MP, Councilor, chief and 10 high schools, 12 primary schools, 6 children homes and other different religious organization


We expect total gathering of more than 2000 people.


To handle this gathering we have organized


1) 25 doctors and clinical officer

2) 20 nurses

3) 6 Pharmaceuticals


5) 12 Hiv/Aids counselor

6) 2- Public Health Officer

7)5- Lab Technician


This exercise has been organized in conjunction with Nairobi City Council, Government of Kenya, Lions Hospital, Healthy Heart Africa, Macs Pharmacy and Gaints group of Nairobi.


Others are also joining. This is the first type of medical camp, of this nature, which is being organized in Kangemi area by Ananda Marga.


On this occasion 1 truck cloth will also be distributed. We also invited medical student from Moi University and Nairobi University.


It will give a very good impact on the society about Ananda Marga.


  1. In South C Gurudwara, there is Gurmit School which teaches Punjabi and Gurugranth to the Sikh children. They organized a feeding program at our place. All the children and their parents visited the place and donated food stuffs. It was a good pracar in Sikh community.


  1. There was spiritual congregation of swami narayan in Nairobi and it had a gathering of more than 5,000 people. They welcomed A’c Shubhavratananda Avt. on their program dais and introduced as a monk of Ananda Marga. It was a good introduction of Ananda Marga.


  1. A’c Jayashivananda Avt. has done plastering of building from inside and outside, Total cost: $ 4000


  1. A’c Jayamaungalananda Avt. has also organized a medical camp.


  1. A’c Akshovananda Avt.

CEO from 25 companies visited Ananda Marga School at Uganda. They celebrated picnic with their families. They are also going to install solar system, which will give light to the office.


Five toilets have also been built to increase the facilities for the children.



Berlin Sector


  1. AMURT activities:


London region: A regular mass feeding to homeless people where 200-300 people get a healthy good on every Thursday. This was first run by the margiis and now there are 10-15 volunteers to help in cooking and distribution.


Rome Region: Rome and Bologna units conduct feeding program to homeless people, where 60-70 in Rome and 60-80 in Bologna get warm and healthy food. Also warm clothing and blankets were also distributed to all.


  1. Special Pracar event:


A special Pracar event was organized by the Roma unit margiis in collaboration with Bologna unit margiis of Rome Region on 26th and 27th September; the event is Called ‘Alimentanima’ means nurture your soul with sentient food and spirituality.


This open public festival was participated by at least 70 different alternative groups of Yoga, culture, education, health, veganism etc, of course, under the umbrella of Ananda Marga-Alimentanima. We had Amurt, Prout, MU, Meditation, Education, Bio-psychology Kiirtan and sentient diet presentations.


Over 40 initiations and 400-500 people signed up to participate our meditation courses, Amurt and other activities.


Dada Gatimayananda, Sectorial RU, has visited Moscow region and gave two seminars in Moscow and San Petersburg. Also visited Rome regions.

In Ananda Vipasa, MU conducted RAWA program and new people program in September.


  1. Refugee influx:


This refugee inundation in Europe has created a very historic situation. In UK, Sweden and Germany, in collaboration with the local authorities, we are providing counseling support and distributing food. We have also decided to work hand in hand with the local authorities if we as organization could be of some help.


  1. Special activities in different Regions:



–       There was an Ayurvedic seminar for at least 20 participants to make people conscious of health and spiritual life style. This is a regular feature and conducted by Dada Vanditananda, Rector Puttabhumi MU.

–       Mass feeding for 250 people; harvested 40 kg of honey this time.

–       A concert with Indian tabla artists attended by 62 people at the MU.


London region:


In London regular classes in two universities attended by 8-10 people on regular basis conducted by Dada Jyotirupananda, PRS




Dada Tiirthadevananda has conducted 4 health and life style practical seminars based on Yogic Cikitsa (diet and asanas) in Madrid, Canary Islands and Barcelona. If fact, these seminars are becoming very popular amongst the local people. Initiations and sympathizers are being created.


Dada Pramoditananda:

RS Stockholm and Moscow:


He toured in Russia – visited few units, covered 3 cities – In Belgrade gave seminars, where 6-8 people attended.

5 public lectures in different places almost 10 people along with margiis,

Moscow – 18-20 people   short lecture – 18 people,

Sweden – all refugees coming – organize feeding program, either we bake or left over as well make sandwiches, distribute them to 2 -3times a week, 50 sandwiches, non margiis are involved.




GT Sector


Ac. Arnavananda Avt.

Chile: Gave two days yoga course training to 16 people on 3rd and 4th Oct.

Argentina: free meditation class every last Saturday, cooking class every 3rd Saturday, outdoor class (in province) every first week is regular event. Beside this we introduced AM yoga and philosophy in national festival in Buenos Aires to a gathering of 300 people of 14th sept. In master unit Cordoba I gave lecture on various subjects among 60 margiis during the retreat. Total 8 people become new margii.

Collected 5000 dollar for the roof of jagrti.


Ac. Tattvabodhananada Avt.

Retreat held at Master Unit AnandaMayadiipa on 9 to 12 October 2015. 60 people attended.

Good spiritual environment by collective Kiirtan, meditation and classes.

During retreat Initiations by Didis: 8 and by Dadas: 2

I came to Mardel Plata just 2 days ago on 23rd, at night. I gave lecture among 20 new persons on 24th of October Saturday.


Ac. Paradevavavda Avt.

Spring yoga camp- on 26-27th of sept.  Spring yoga camp was held in Ananda Kuvalaya master unit In Paraguay. 20 attended. 2) Vegetarian Lunch for fund raising- on 11 th oct. 70 people participated.

Lecture in 2 places more than 20 people participated.


 Ac. Pavananada Avt.

Lecture on Meditation 35 people participated, In Florianopolis in jail for prisoners meditation program continue, they are very inspired.

Yoga training course in Sao Paulo continue.


Ac. Siddheshvarananda Avt.

1.a. Our Jagrti in Araruama, in Rio de Janeiro State, has been completed, with 2 halls, 2 rooms, 5 bath rooms and kitchen. It got inaugurated on first week of October.  75 people participated.

1.b.  In same  jagrti , we did 2 days seminar where 35 people participated with 9 hour Akhanda Kiirtana.

  1. In Araruama, we have got donation of 1000m2 land for starting school.
  2. A Lecture was organized with vegetarian lunch and classical dance on Prabhát Samgiita in Yoga centre in Rio de janeiro  85 people participated.

Another lecture on Meditation in Sao Joao del rei. Minas gerais, 20 people participated.


Avtk. AnandaAdvaeta Ac.

From July to October we had many visitors and volunteers of whom many were initiated. One vegetarian dinner was organized for fundraising. One marriage during the July retreat in Ananda


Kiirtana, One Baby naming in Brasilia.  One cooking course and initiations in Juiz de Fora.


Participation in retreat in Araruama and Santiago Chile. In Santiago retreat 3 classes/workshops for 70 people.


Also master unit committee was established and a few meetings were held, in preparation of fundraising for our next construction in the MU. Also one margii architect helped to make the plans for the construction.
Avtk. Ananda Sushiila Ac.

  1. In Porto alleger we started a 4 classes introduction course, free of charge on 4 weeks once a week, given by 3 margiis and myself. It was very successful, attended by more than 30 people.
  2. Attended the retreat in pontal, organized by Tannistha with total 20 participants.


I have 13 Initiation and sold good amounts of Books.




Hong Kong Sector


National Symposium of Prabhát Samgeeta on September 13 at National Taiwan University (TAITA); 92 people attended; one hour film was prepared.


$US 5,500 collected for Ananda Nagar school construction. Over 110 people attended the vegetarian lunch in Taipei jagrti.


Dada Krsnamayananda organized RAWA program, attended by 150 people in Wuhan, China including 10 people from old folks home and 30 volunteers who received small appreciation gifts.  A very large centre was rented in Hong Kong city until April, 2016.


Dada Yogananda held the opening ceremony of Yoga Cikitsa Kendram on August 16 with 50 Margiis at the Ananda Suruci Master Unit in Taiwan. They have started paying off $3,000/month loan of Yoga Cikitsa Kendram. Eight fasting camps were held attended by 240 people. A two week Permaculture course was held with 25 people attending.


Dada Shubhacetanananda attended the Integrative Medicine Fair in southern Korea. 400 visitors came to our booth. Government officials asked us to demonstrate yoga. Our activities were published in Korean newspaper. Governor invited us to dinner and gave AM Korea certificate of attendance.


Dada Shubhacintananda Visited 20 units in HK Sector in the last four months. He had 15 PS classes, 6 RAWA programs; 15 Sadhana Shivir; 10 philosophy classes and boosted the units with Ananda Marga teachings and could inspire hundreds of Margiis.



Main Points Good News:

  1. New Jagrti Rented in Chengdu, China
  2. New Jagrti Land: Bishkek, Kyrgysthan; 100 sq m
  3. Social Functions: RM: 8; Baby Naming: 6; House Entry: 5; Shraddha Ceremony: 2.




WWD All Sectors Good News


Berlin Sector


Brcii. Annapurna Ac. (Rector Ananda Ashiisa MU, Poland), has been spreading Microvita articles via the internet. Her MU was approved by the authorities of the EU agency.


Avtk. Ananda Bhadra Ac (RSL Stockholm) has been providing aid to the refugees who have been flooding Europe with food distribution and relief collection. She collected 1800 Euros for women to start their likelihood projects in Africa.


Avtk Ananda Cetana Ac (RSP Moscow) got new children in her kindergarten and the legal registration is in process. She has been giving seminars in Belgorod and lectures in Moscow, Belgorad and St Petersburg and doing pracar at the “Sober Russia” group festival.


Avtk Ananda Dayashiila Ac (RSL Rome) has been busy with pracar around the region, giving classes on bio-psychology and other topics as well as holding DC in a new city (San Miniato). She also held day seminars for sisters and has been preparing the new WWD Office.


Avtk Ananda Harimaya Ac (RSL Paris) printed 10,000 leaflets of 3 kinds for distribution during France Yoga Festival.


Avtk Ananda Jyotishrii (DSL Budapest) did pracar at an eco-festival and gave a PROUT introduction to Romani activists.


Avtk Ananda Krpa Ac (DSL Helsinki) opened her kindergarten with 10 children this year. She celebrated Prabhat Samgiita Divas with many songs and Akhanda Kiirtan in her jagrti in Espoo, attended by all margiis from Finland. She also has been holding lectures and study circles in Espoo and Helsinki.


Avtk Ananda Prama Ac (Rector, Ananda Bharati MU, Ireland) held LFT training for 2 sisters, held a sister retreat in London attended by 33. She teaches disabled persons 3x per week. The MU crop has been great, which is sold at the local farmer’s market.


Avtk Ananda Riddhi Ac (DSL Berlin) has been in Stockholm for her visa. In that period she prepared and distributed food to refugees, helped with renovations and held Akhanda Kiirtans and DCs. In Finland she helped in the school. In Germany she toured for pracar and initiations.


Brcii. Tejasvinii Ac (RSL Gibraltar) moved the jagrti in Las Palmas (Canary Islands) to a good location near the university campus. She has started an online class for margiis from around Spain and a new meditation group in Valencia. She gave a lecture in the public library (Las Palmas, attended by 12 people) and a 2-day retreat for new people in Tenerife (attended by 7).


Manila Sector


In Bali, Indonesia margiis from Karaung Asan donated 1200 m2 land for a WWD jagrti in their city, only 30 minutes from the airport.


In Hanoi, Vietnam, sister Nirmala donated land for a Didi’s jagrti too. It’s the size of a typical Vietnamese bungalow.


Also in Vietnam, Avtk. Ananda Carushiila Ac bought a new Master Unit between Huchmin and Datat cities, with 800 coffee plants. The total area is over 2 hectares.


Recently it was found that the Bicol MU in the Philippines is in a gold field. The mining company demands to buy the land from us.


In Myai Thai Yar village, Yangoon, Burma, Avtk Ananda Devamala Ac has opened a new kindergarten school with 27 students. Around the school there is regular relief work going on with over 200 people benefitting.


Nairobi Sector


The Nakuru MU construction is going on. One of the girls from the Children’s Home graduated and moved on to a new job.

The school project is receiving sponsorship by a Jain group with 160.000 USD.


New York Sector


In Guatemala, 34 children benefitted from distribution of clothes and school materials arranged by Avtk. Ananda Tapomaya Ac.


Hong Kong Sector


The Golden Jubilee of WWD was celebrated during the October Sectorial Conference with performances during the RAWA night, a workshop on the department’s activities and scope, a multimedia presentation of the department’s work in the sector and several souvenirs with inspiring quotes from Baba. Finally, a renewed commitment to spread Kaos’ikii as given by Baba lead to a video compilation and new kaosikii music that was distributed on an engraved wooden USB.


Avtk Ananda Sainjana Ac, HPMGL, based in Russia has been attending to the new MU Ananda Shailaduhita, processing the harvested fruits and clearing the land. One sister is now fulltime translating AM books. The goal is to increase circulation to the general public. One LFT sister has committed to go for WT training.

Avtk Ananda Rashmika Ac, PWSA, based in Taiwan, has been conducting study circles twice a week, with sisters from around Taiwan. Her weekly meditation course and other pracar have been going on as usual. In Ananda Matrika, Meinong MU the Fruit Drying project continues to grow. It can help sustain the MU in future. The MU hosted 2 AM Health Programs and 1 Children’s Camp. Disadvantaged children were sponsored to be able to attend. The regional student camp had 21 participants of which 18 sisters. All got initiated. Kaosikii pracar and videos have increased the interest for kaosikii and other “merchandise” was made for Baba’s message to reach the public in different ways.

Brcii Indumati Ac, RSL Tashkent organized RAWA seminar for 56 people. The RAWA team was interviewed for local TV program in Bishkek and a video recorded by us is shown on TV almost daily. One margii donated land (100 m2) for jagrti construction. In Kazachstan she held a retreat with 17 people.

Avtk Ananda Kalika Ac, RSL Ulaanbataar, continues to develop and run the Childrens Centre that celebrated its 20th anniversary. Celebrations included cultural programs by the children with Mongolian dances and Prabhat Samgiita and other presentations. Didi Ananda Kalika and other staff received medals from city government. 300 people attended, incl. the Australian consul, as well as some government officials, supporters and donors, plus older children who have grown up in the childrens home.

Brcii. Shivapriya Ac, DSL Vladivostok, has been touring her new field for pracar. She held a new people’s seminar for 21 people, participated in the summer retreat (60 ppl), and coordinated food distribution to the homeless and street dogs. Margiis also have weekly a cleanup activity to clean up the beach. A local RAWA program attracted 45 people.