Good News of all sectors from WRDS March 2012


Suva Sector Good News: Jan to March 2012


Dada Advaetananda organised mass feeding for victims of flooding in two cities of Fiji. The police and members of the military were very supportive in many ways. He also organised clothes and educational materials, and was able to help hundreds of people in need.

New Zealand:

In January, naturopath Madhumita organised a five day Yoga Wellness Detox camp with a good number of attendees, with the plan to begin Yoga Wellness activities in New Zealand.

An Easter Retreat organised by the New Zealand margiis (for early April) was booked out one month before, and alternative accommodation venues were found for the additional attendees.



Mahima has restarted the university yoga club with a good number of members. Activities include well-attended meditation classes and vegetarian dinner.

East Coast:

Three new units

Dada Krsnapremananda has helped to form two new units on the East coast. The new unit Coff’s Harbour held their first ever Akhanda Kiirtan at the end of February with 13 people attending, and a very festive spirit. There is also a new unit in Newcastle. A new unit has also started in the Gold Coast of Queensland. Naturopath Amita is organised healing and music events with Paunkaj.

Sunshine Coast:

Maleny unit continues with its regular events including DC, monthly Akhanda Kiirtan, monthly unit meetings, and two classes taught by Didi Ananda Tapomaya. Ac. Narada Muni and Dada Gunamuktananda are also both teaching at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

In Maleny, a new Didi’s house has been rented for two Didis and an Prema, an LFT working in Suva Sector from Taiwan. A joyful house blessing ceremony, DC and party were held in early March for around 25 attendees.

The unit also welcomed the visit of Central workers, Dada Svarupananda and Dada Shambhushivananda. A number of events were organised during their short stay including a talk for teachers at the River School, a meeting with the school advisory committee, and a special Dharmacakra, which included a jubilant celebration of the Colour Festival. A special highlight of the evening were the Baba stories from Dada Svarupananda.

The unit conducted two fundraising events in March. They catered the food for the Sunshine Coast Yoga Day, which was not only an enjoyable venue, but afforded an excellent opportunity for pracar. Along with the food sold, there were $50 in publication sales, and a number of people asked to be included in the AM mailing list.

The recent Ananda Marga River School Cafe Night for school parents and students, included the showing of a new indigenous film (made by two past parents), an open mic night (with students and parents performing) and a delicious veggie quiche and apple crisp dinner cooked by the unit Margiis. Around 70 people attended.

Both of the recent fundraising events were to support medical treatment for WTs.


Dada Shuddhacittananda has continued with lectures for new people and sympathisers.


Jyoti is the president of the ACT Vegetarian Society. She organises many events to popularise vegetarian diet, and works with many students.

Dada Svarupananda meets with the “Super Meditator” group at the Ananda Marga River School. These children who show special interest in meditation meet with Ac. Narada each week for a longer meditation and special instruction. They loved meeting our special guests.

Good News from NY Sector for month of Jan to March 2012

A’c Parinirvana’nanda Avt

Humber College just recently started Yoga Classes every Tuesday. Regular Sunday DC at least 19 to 20 attendance in Brampton Ontario. Oakville Ontario every Friday evening class on Yoga meditation . Cambridge Ontario Krsna Temple tattva Shabha twice a week.( Attendance at least 10 to 15 people).

A’c Unmantra’nanda Avt

On February 16th, 2012 in OTM News by offthematintotheworld a very nice article was published about our Ananda Marga school in Haiti and the relief work that stems out of the compound. The author of the article visited with its crew of Yoga Teachers our project and was very impressed by our dedication to the welfare of the Haitian population. In the article among the other we read:

“Today we saw a seed that has been planted for change in Haiti when we visited the Amurt School, an eco-friendly school on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince with a focus on yoga and mindfulness. Since the 2010 earthquake, the school has brought together the surrounding camp of 2,000 people by providing grade school (K-6) education, in addition to programs that empower local women through vocational and literacy training, parenting programs, and communication and leadership development. There is a small fee to cover basic necessities, but if the family cannot afford it, they volunteer their time as a barter. No child is turned away.”

Avtka Ananda Hitaesana A’c. was in California where she gave a class at Dr. Sachins house. The attendance was more than expected as 15 people came. One of them was lady ordained priest. She is known for being in the Women’s right movement in Christian religion.

Dr. Sachins wife was initiated after class. Every participant was very impressed by Ananda Marga philosophy. They decided to have retreat in July at Ananda Dhiira Master Unit . In Tucson Didi gave a class in the local College and 10 student attended. One got initiated. One of the margii sisters organized a fund raising program. 500 $ were raised.

Brcii Anudhyana A’c. gave two talks in Toronto, Canada. The first talk, on 2nd March, was titled “Spiritual life – where we are at now, where we came from and where are we heading?”. 23 people attended, during which the request for a second talk was advanced. The second talk followed on the next week, on 9th March, with the topic “The law of actions and reactions, reincarnation and spiritual practice”. 27 people attended. It was given to a group of people interested in meditation, who meet once in a while to learn more of it. Many of the attending requested and had personal meetings with Didi, and some were initiated.

Brcii Kusum A’c. – The cleaning yard in WWD office lasted almost a month: we had a sister from Tucson (Jacqueline) helping racking and cleaning for few days. We were cutting old rotten trees, trimming big brunches, piling woods, racking, etc.

We managed to renovate the entrance cement floor and to put a brand new fence that makes WWD office really outstanding in the neighborhood.

While in Canada we had 2 DC and a good welcome from all the margi in Toronto.

A’c Dharmaprema’nanda Avt

A two days program with the theme ‘Local to Global” was hosted by Arizona State University, Central Campus. Dada Dharmapremananda was able to present a workshop on ‘Meditation” on first day and be part of a Panel focusing on sustainable living. Both were attended by a good number of enthusiasts. On the second day Dada gave presentation on PROUT. Ananda Marga had set up a booth at the campus where several books were sold and many brochures were distributed. 2 persons got initiated from the event and many signed up for future programs.

A’c. Ra’ga’tma’nanda Avt. – Good News report from Mexico

Attended one conference in Cuernavaca call “Conciencia,Cambio de realidad y el 2012 en el Macro del paradigma emergente” very nice program and I met program organizer and audience distribute AM leaflet and I tought them Ba’ba’nam kevalam meditation and vegetarianism about 15 people got benefited.

New people meditation introduction and vegetarian food introduction program and Music program in Tepoztlan mountain area. 13 people attended organized by margiis. I gave talk about importance of meditation and vegetarian food. I thought them Ba’ba”nam Kevalam meditation and we meditate together and kiirtan and I played Prabhat Samgiit and Flute.

Kiirtan pracar program in Cuernavaca central park I played guitar BNK. About 45 people got benefited other people also joint played and enjoy singing and played together and distribute ref let and taught them BNK and I talked how to stop smoking etc.

One Nagar kiirtan in Cuernavaca down town, 2 non margii brothers helped me played kiirtan in street. I gave 6 yoga clases to newly initiated people and his friends in Cuernavaca Jagrti.

Weekly pracar program in Tepozlan central area. Time to time I carry guitar play ba’ba’nam kevalam in Park area and market area, met new people and distribute leaflet and teach Ba’ba’nam Kevalam and vegetarianism etc. 3 people got initiations.

A’c. Vimalesha’nanda Avt.

The Dharma Cakra in Guatemala City is regular. The visit to the Mayan communities of Xecam and Xenacoj opened more relationship with the local Mayan people. One old margi , Viresh is willing to pursue the project of the Master Unit near Xenacoj where he lives. A bank account has been opened for collecting and accounting funds for the master unit development.

A regular yoga and meditation class is held every Saturday in the San Carlos University at the swimming pool. The attendance is good mostly composed by swimming teachers and rescuers.

Crimsondawn newsletter has been regularly published and the relative website has been renovated. The site has been also updated and a new site has been created for Ananda Marga in Guatemala.

A’c. Iishvara Krsna’nanda Avt. – Two new margiis visiting regularly and doing meditation.This months Mohankrsna, Anadi and Sainjay visited me at the jagrti in Corona. These are young spirited margi that are playing a role in the propagation of Ananda Marga through social activism and media presence.

Ac’. Mutatma’nanda Avt. – 4000 people have been fed in Los Angeles in Muktatma’nanda Feeding program which has been a stable ongoing service given to the community till today. The low income families of immigrants and others received vegetables, fruits, bread and all the basic food stuffs, also the senior citizens got lots of Yoghurt, and miscellaneous edible goods. On Sundays the homeless were fed breakfast consisting of warm porridge, yoghurt, fruits, and pastries from Starbucks chain.



Dada Citabodhananda

* Porto Alegre máster unit an Ayurvedic center was open and attract people in the city to do terapies.

* Light post was installed in máster unit.

* Building were renovated in máster unit.

* Sectorial retreat 200 people participated and one day akhanda kiirtan was organised before the retreat start , program in the retreat inspired everyday. It was a success.

Didi Ananda Sushiila

* Porto alegre Rawa festival was organised with the participation of different artist , sale of various items such as clothes ,food stuff and other item also. it was a three day program . inspired many people and Didi wants to do it again this year.

* Course on yoga for kids was organised in Novo Hamburgo Didi collected good contribution from people.

* Workshop about intuition 30 people participated.

Didi Aradhana

1* Brasilia Didis máster unit ananda vasundhara newly dharma cakra was constructed in bio-contruction method.

* Agro floresta Project also started by Didi .

* Many fruit tree was also planted in máster unit.

* Bee keeping Project is going to be started soon.

* Didi aradhana also organised vegetarian dinner for fund raising to máster unit Project and create one LFT.

Dada Haripranananda

* Sao Paulo philosophical classes started in sectorial office due to this activities new margis were created.

* Yoga intructor intensive course started last january 11 students enrolled for the course. Coming march 2012 new yoga instructor extensive training course going to start again.

* Once in every two months vegetarian lunch and vegetarian cooking was organised for fund raising in developing sectorial office.

Dada Ratnananda

* In campinas dada is giving muay thai classes in the martial arts academy at the same time inspiring people to practice meditation.

* Brasilia dadaji is giving initiation and lectures in the new jagriti.

Dada Sidheshvaranandaji

* Araruama Dada S.S build a jagriti Project for margis in Araruama.

* Spiritual retreat also organised in monte cristo Joinville 25 person came, followed by a course in bio-psychology .

Dada Pranadiiptananda

* one diocese seminar in brasilia 25 persons came.

* Organised 2 courses on yogateraphy in rio and sao Paulo.

* In florianopolis a vegetarian restaurant organised a lecture for dada about vegetarianismo 15 person came.


Dada Tattvabhodananda

* Cordova máster unit ananda mayadiipa started organic farming 6 different types of vegetables planted.

* Two new room was constructed and building was renovated in máster unit..

* January 2012 sectorial retreat in argentina máster unit ananda mayadiipa 115 persons participated.

*. During the retreat 2 marriage was conducted.

Dada Ramashryananda

* Argentina training course for yoga instructor started 65 persons participated in the extensive course it was a success. Dada is travelling in different cities doing pracar and giving course.


Didi Sutanuka

* ananda marga school in asunçåo was renovated . our student in school get dental treatment for free.

* Didi also started a cleaning program among the students they clean the school.

* Ananda marga school win the regional sports competition in all categories in sports it was a very good performance by our students during competition and it also give a good image to our school in the region.

* Didi also organised a vegetarian lunch 60 persons came.

Good News of Qahira sector from January to March 2012.

Ac. Krpamayananda Avt. SS Qahria Sector.

In the month of January I was touring different states India such as Zarkhand, Bihar, MP, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka giving seminar and lectures in schools and colleges.

Total 18 (School-7, colleges-8 and university-3) covered with lectures on various topics. All places kiirtan and Meditation was introduced. 5 schools mass initiation was given by 3 dadas to boys and by two didis to girls. 4 places seminar was conducted. 2 persons got inspired to take LFT training. Regular follow-up is happening.