First diocese seminar held for first time after a long 35 years, from 13th July to 15th July at Sri Maha Laxmi Function Hall, Vidyanagar, Malkapur Road, Karimnagar. In the State of Andhra Pradesh, (Mumbai- region).

Ac. Divyakrpananda Avt., Acarya Krsnasundarananda Avt., Beeti Raju, B. Ramesh Chandra and Bhasker had worked hard for one month to make all necessary arrangement to organise this Seminar. Venue of this seminar Sri Maha Laximi Function Hall was given free of charge by owner Anandaji by the effort of K. Bhaskarji. This place is very specious and can hold 2000 participants.

This first dioceses seminar attended by Dadas and Didis of Hyderbad Circle. Ac. Satyadevananda Avt., Ac. Krsnasundarananda Avt., Ac. Subhadrananda Avt., Ac.Divyakrpananda Avt., Ac. Sudeva Brc., from centre trainer Dada Ac. Krpamayananda Avt., and Didi Avtk Ananda Abhisambuddha Ac.,Didis from Hyderbad Circle Avtk. Anadna Anushri Ac., Avtk. Ananda Vasundhara Ac, Avtk Ananda Ragottara Ac., were present in this seminar. The Seminar was organized by Bhukti Pradhan Karimnagar Diocese B. Raju. and B. Ramesh Chandra and Dada Divyakrpananda Avt. And Ac. Krsnasundarananda Avt. Margiis from Dioceses Hyderbad, Karimnagar, Nellore, Anantapur and Vishakhapattanam, attended this Seminar.

On Wednesday 11th Bhukti committee members organised Academic lectures at colleges and Schools. Dada Krsnasundaranadna gave lecture at S R M degree college. News was published in Telangana, Sakshi, Inadu and Andhra Jyoti leading Andhra Pradesh News papers.

On 12th another lecture was organised at Vanii Niketan High school. This lecture was presented by Trainer Dada Ac. Krpamayananda Avt.

On 13th Friday Seminar started with opening ceremony. Seminar opened with talk of BP Adilabad T Ramalu. CWWS Didi Avtk. Ananda Abhisambudha Ac. and Ac. Krpamayananda Avt. and evening 3 to 5 pm there was class on topic The forms of Sadhana

On Second day the Saturday 14th Morning there was Akhada Kiirtan form 6 to 9 am. After Akhand Kiirtan seminar routine continue as per daily routine. The topic of class at morning section was ‘How an Ideal person live’. In afternoon there was Symposium. Chair person was Senior margii form Hyderabad Bhuma reddy, Ramachandrayya Telangana Samaj sec. Tattvika P Govardhan, CWWS Didi Avtk. Ananda Abhisambudha Ac. and Ac. Krpamayananda Avt. contributed their thought on Social Philosophy. After Symphosium there was Shobha Yatra ( Procession in City). All the margii brothers and sisters joined Shobha Yatra.

On last day there was akhanda kiirtan form 6 am to 9 am. All the margiis with family and children attended. Organisational meeting was held. For BP Hyderabad Bhuma reddy presented the six monthly report.

SDM BP Mehabub Nagar Narayanji, BP Karnool Shantamurti, BP Pulur Nagaswami, BP karimnagar Beeti Raju, UBP Ramesh chandra, WWD BP Karimnagar Krsna veni gave six month report and targets for next six months.

With efforts of Telangana Samaj Sec. Deputy Mayor DharmaramVenkata swamy of Karimnagar joined our seminar. He attended morning Yoga class and afternoon Closing ceremony. ETV reporter took detail video and interview of Trainer Dada Ac. Krpamayananda Avt. news was broadcasted in Telugu throuout India.

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A’carya Acintananda Avadhu’ta
Public Relations Secretary (Central)
A’nanda Ma’rga Praca’raka Sam’gha
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