Graduation Ceremony at Ananda Marga School in Guatemala


Guatemala is a beautiful land rich in humanity and natural resources. At the same time Guatemala is facing several challenges. The recent elected government is called to demonstrate that corruption can be fought and eradicated. It is known that there is children malnutrition is several localities of Guatemala. The statistics that have been redacted under the Zero Hunger Pact talk very clearly. “Chronic malnutrition is average 59.9% in the population between 3 and 5 years in 166 municipality which are considered as priority for intervention.

There are areas where due to climatic conditions, the harvest was poor and children malnutrition has become even more acute. It is not only the scarcity of food that created malnutrition in the children. There is need for alimentary education and for general assistance. For example only 64.1% of those 166 municipalities has access to electricity. Only 58.9% has access to water. Cooking is done on firewood in 90.3%, on gas in 8.4% and with electricity in 1.2%. The amount of need is huge and there is very little awareness of the consequences of such malnutrition.

In this context Ananda Marga is playing a delicate role. It is running a kindergarten in a very difficult area of Guatemala City. Didi Ananda Tapomaya has been dedicated to help in Guatemala. Margi of Guatemala are doing their best to maintain the present projects in spite of several difficulties. A contact with the Government Department responsible for food security has been activated.

Below are the picture of the Graduation Ceremony in the school of Ananda Marga. It was a very happy moment. Will it be possible to extend more of those happy moment to more children in Guatemala?