Guatemala – A place for all-round service

The last week of the year is a very auspicious time for distribution of cloths and other items. In Colinas de Minerva where the jagrti of Ananda Marga is located in Guatemala the neighbors know the dadas since many many years. This week of distribution was a good way to rekindle the relationship and have several families getting benefit and visiting our renovated place.
The family in the picture makes tortillas for living – the traditional food made from corn. It is the only family in the colony which has no electricity and in spite of all the efforts so far we could not help them with that. But they gladly accepted a good amount of wood for burning and two containers for water storage.
Cloths donated by Margiis in Guatemala were distributed, not only in the neighborhood, but also in some neighbor areas where there is necessity. Among other items distributed there were construction items like planks, blocks and electrical items which local constructors use regularly in their contracted jobs.
The neighbor committee of Colinas is now interested to use our place for meetings and also start workshops for children in collaboration with the municipality. We look forward for the developments in the new coming 2016. Happy New Year!

The Jagrti in Colinas de Minerva has now a new ceiling for the large room upstairs. Thanks to the support of the Margiis of Guatemala City the work was completed and now new possibilities are open for the utilization of the Jagrti.

cielo falso

Ananda Marga Guatemala is engaged actively in rescuing the land occupied by intruders on Ananda Maya Master Unit. A very significant step was completed  in the first week of January when a fence was installed in the upper portion of the land.


Young people are very interested in meditation and are bringing a new wave of light to everybody in Guatemala. Some of them were waiting for a long time the opportunity to learn spiritual practices and are now eager to do more and more for serving the community.