Guatemala opportunity by Ac. Vimaleshananda Avt.



Guatemala is a land of spiritual opportunities. The Mayan spirituality is very alive and the land carries a powerful spiritual vibration.

In the Ananda Marga spiritual family in Guatemala we have at present four active Mayan spiritual guides and it is quite remarkable their knowledge and experience which are bringing from their ancestral tradition. Ananda Marga is bringing them a spiritual ideology which allows them to estimate even more their treasures.

Venturing downtown in Guatemala main walking street close to the Presidential palace I enjoyed sitting on the sidewalk and teaching Baba Nam Kevalam meditation to a few young sellers. They were ready to follow through without hesitation considering and appreciating the gift given to them.

Guatemala is experiencing a social awakening which has no comparison in other latin american countries. Although complaining about corruption and crime Guatemalan people were able to drive to justice their former leaders who are now behind bars. Students and people in general protested and obtained justice. This is just remarkable.

In Guatemala Ananda Marga has social projects which need special attention. Margi in Guatemala are doing their best to keep up with all the legal complications and also financial burden. The time frames are sometimes longer than expected and Guatemala teaches patience to a great extent. This is one on the man lessons we can get visiting this blessed land.